Global Issuesmini Essay 3 On Global International Finance Trade Wealthglobalizat

GLOBAL ISSUESMini Essay #3 on Global (International) Finance/Trade/WealthGlobalization has four major categories: markets, politics, culture and environment.  In Module 3we examine the oldest category, markets.  Markets encompass business, finance and wealth. Thus, the module is named “Money.”  When we examine Globalization and the resulting global issues, it must be understood that the categories also intersect.In this essay we examine the intersectionality of markets. For example, the business sector of professional sports, is an intersection of culture and markets. Another example, rare minerals, arepart of the current concern with the USA-China trade war; presenting an intersection of science, military readiness, environmental concerns and trade. InstructionsAfter reading and viewing information in the web links below answer the questions in Mini Essay Quiz #3.   ASSESSMENTS>QUIZZES assignment is due on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

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