For The Equilibrium Systemn2 G O2 G 2 No G 1 Write A Kc And A Kp Expression 2 If

For the Equilibrium System

N2 (g)     +     O2 (g)     ===     2 NO (g)

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1.) Write a Kc and a Kp expression.

2.) If Kc = 1.50 x 10-2 at 653oC, Calculate and report the equilibrium concentrations of all of the reactants and all of the products at 653oC, if the initial concentrations were

[N2]0 = 0.0100 M

[O2]0 = 0.0200 M

[NO]0 = 0.00300 M

3.) Calculate Kp for this equilibrium system at 653oC using the equation Kp = Kc(RT)∆n.

N.B., you will have to do ALL of the following in order to receive full credit . . .

i.) calculate a value for Q to determine whether the system is already at equilibrium OR which direction it will have to proceed in order to achieve equilibrium;

ii.) construct an I-C-E Table and fill it in completely;

iii.) show an adequate number of detailed steps in your calculations so that I can follow your logic from start-to-finish; and

iv.) report your numerical answers to the correct number of sig. figs. and then “box” them.