Flim Analysis Week 10 Midweek Assignment

Observation Techniques: Film Analysis

This week, you will analyze a three- to five-minute segment of a movie or a television episode depicting social psychology in the courtroom.

After watching the movie segment, create a three- to four-page report on your analysis. In your report:

  • Mention the name of the movie.
  • Describe the setting and overall storyline of the movie.
  • Describe the main characters in the observed movie section.
  • Describe the situation that you analyzed and interpret the action of the characters depicting social psychology in the courtroom.
  • Draw conclusions based on social psychological concepts and theories.

The Future of Social Psychology Over the past 9 weeks, you reviewed several research studies on different social psychology phenomena, theories, and principles. To understand the trends in social psychology, it would be a good idea to learn about one of its more influential initial contributors, Floyd Henry Allport. When reading Allport’s views and ideas on social psychology, you may notice that his thoughts reflected issues considered important at the time. But is it possible that the same ideas may also be applicable in the future and may indicate the emphasis of social psychology research then?

View the PDF transcript for Views of Floyd Henry Allport (media/week10/SU_PSY3011_Future_Psychology.pdf)

The ideas and views expressed in Allport’s work do reflect some of the prevalent perceptions of the time. For instance, Allport used a Russian character as an example to explain racial temperament and stated, “Their profound and mystical sense of communism is expressed, not as a deliberate policy, but as a ‘kind of organic propulsion,’ inarticulate and unreasoned” (p. 90). In another example, to demonstrate the obvious stereotypes of the time, Allport referred to “egotism, exclusiveness, stiff, conventionality, bombast, impulsiveness, nonmorality, inability to cooperate, and a lack of power to obtain another’s viewpoint” (p. 90) as Latin American traits.

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Additional Materials

View the PDF transcript for Trends in Social Psychology (media/week10/SU_PSY3011_Trends_Psychology.pdf)

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