First Pick Any Food Item With A Nutrition Facts Label Write Down The Name Of The

First, pick any food item with a Nutrition Facts label. Write down the name of the product and

then make a list of the following:

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  1. Serving Size
  2. Calories/Fat Calories
  3. Grams or milligrams of Nutrients and % Daily Value
  4. Ingredients 
  5. Footnote/Recommendations for Vitamin A, C, Calcium, and Iron

Answer the following question prompts. Post your Nutrient Panel information and list as well as your discussion answer.

Suppose that a friend is asking you for information about healthy products to eat and has shown you a Nutrition Panel (pretend that the panel you just analyzed is the panel they are showing you). Using the information you have just written down, what would you be able to tell them about this product in terms of healthy eating.

For your Response:

NutritionAmount per 100gTotal Fat, g3.1Total carbohydrates, g12Sugar, g8Protein, g3.2Calcium, mg120