First Identify A Variable Of Interest That Is Critical To A Past Or Pending Deci

sion. then list and describe independent variables that are likely to be associated with the dependent variable. For each independent variable, you will assert its expected impact on the dependent variable based on your familiarity with the context.

first briefly summarize the decision or prediction that you wish to target using predictive analysis.

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Optional: If you feel additional description is necessary to capturing the situation, provide a summary of relevant circumstances around the prediction or decision. This

could include timeline, stakeholders, related outcomes, etc.

Target of analysis:

Description of the context:

2.    Identify the dependent variable that will guide your prediction or decision.

Dependent variable:

3.    Identify at least three independent variables that you believe have association with the dependent variable. For each independent variable, identify it as quantitative

or categorical and discuss its expected impact on the dependent variable.

 4  then for each of independent variables listed in part 1 provide a scatterplot thats include a best fit line for all quantitative variables the independent variable should be on the horizontal axis and the dependent variable is on the vertical axis.

 5    Write the regression equation of the best fit line in the table below.