First Consider The Product You And Your Group Selected For Your Team Project Com

First, consider the product you and your group selected for your team project.  Complete the following Product-Market Profile, based on some of the research you have done so far.

  1. Who buys the product or brand?
  2. Who does NOT buy the product or brand?
  3. What need or function does the product serve? Does the product or brand address that need?
  4. Is there a market need that is not being met by the current product or brand offerings?
  5. What problem does the product solve?
  6. What are customers, that the product targets, currently buying to satisfy the need, or solve the problem?
  7. What price are consumers paying for the product they are currently buying?
  8. When is the product your team selected purchased?
  9. Where is the product purchased? (ie convenience stores, online, super stores, etc)

Now consider global consumer culture positioning (GCCP).  Briefly describe what it is (IN YOUR OWN WORDS).   Is this strategy an appropriate one for your team’s selected product or brand?  Why or why not?

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