Find An Msds Sheet For A Household Item That You Use In Your Home Then Answer Th

  1. Find an MSDS Sheet for a Household item that you use in your home then answer the questions on this worksheet.
  2. Find an MSDS sheet for oven cleaner and answer the questions again.

Answer the following questions about the MSDS sheet for each product you choose:

  1. In general, what is the purpose of an MSDS sheet?
  2. What is the name of the household item for which you obtained an MSDS sheet?
  3. What are the chemicals that make up your product?
  4. If you were to spill the product, what does the MSDS sheet say about cleaning up the material?
  5. If you were to ingest the product, what should you do?
  6. What is the impact if you were to release this product into the environment?
  7. How does the MSDS sheet recommend that you dispose of the product?

Complete the questions and upload the document either as a PDF or as a word document that you type. 

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