Find A Solution M 6 16 On Your Own Ss 116 N 8 Matchstick Problem They Had Learne

hello chapter 10 question 15 i need solving the problem thank you for the help!!

Find a SolutionM = 6. 16on Your OwnSS = 116n = 8matchstick problem they had learned earlier . But whenmethods of instruction . One group of participants wasThey were given helpful hints and clues , but the exactshown the exact , step – by- step procedure for solving asame size . ) After 3 weeks , both groups returned to bethe solution on their own . The following data demon -study the problem and find the solution on their own .solution was never explained . The study included thenone can be removed , and all the squares must be theproblem in the following figure showing a pattern ofthey were given new problems ( similar to the match -problem and was required to memorize the solution .change the pattern into exactly four squares by mov -lower scores than the group who explored and foundtested again . The two groups did equally well on thefive squares made of matchsticks . The problem is toing only three matches . ( All matches must be used .Participants in a second group were encouraged tob. Compute Cohen’s d to estimate the size of theKatona ( 1940 ) compared the effectiveness of twostick problem ) , the memorization group had much15 . In a classic study in the area of problem solving ,treatment effect .Memorization ofthe SolutionM = 10.50strate this result .SS = 108n = 8

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