• Finance case study,paper and excel worksheet,
  • 6page,
  • please read the description first, the use the guideline to complete the case 1, 2, 3

    For  the case, my prof. needs a short paper includes the assumptions,  recommendations and something which need to be write. The most important  is the spreed sheet. All equivelants are required. Such as how you get  the NET INCOME, NPV, IRR OR ROE, etc.  It cannot be just numbers. You  should use the functions in excel to got that.

    If  you need to compare how one number affects to whole data. You will need  to duplicate the whole table below the original one, and highlight that  number and the changes you got. You’d better to write a short  comparisons next to those two tables or three tables depends on your  decision, and write the comprehensive stuffs in your paper.

    Please  read the PPT 03a &03b, and the Disnrey case which will helps your  case. also, there are some videos post by the author of our textbook on  the Youtobe. It will helps you to understand what we talked in class

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