Film Analysis Week 9 Midweek Assignment

Observation Techniques: Film Analysis

This week, you will analyze a three- to five-minute segment of a movie or a television episode depicting aggression, conflict, and peacemaking.

After watching the movie segment, create a report on your analysis. In your report:

  • Mention the name of the movie.
  • Describe the setting and overall storyline of the movie.
  • Describe the main characters in the observed movie section.
  • Describe the situation that you analyzed and interpret the action of the characters depicting aggression, conflict, and peacemaking.
  • Draw conclusions based on social psychological concepts and theories.

Aggression – Hurting Others Aggression in the workplace is an important issue. Some of the most common acts of aggression include:

• Criminal acts perpetrated against employees.

• Violence between employees in an organization (for example, aggression between supervisors and employees).

• Violence between employees and consumers of services (for example, aggression between health care professionals and residents of nursing facilities).

Let’s discuss a study to understand the basis of workplace violence.

Inness, M., Barling, J., & Turner, N. (2005). Understanding supervisor-targeted aggression: A within-person, between-jobs design. Journal of Applied Psychology, 90(4), 731–739.

Rugala, E., & Isaacs, A. (Eds.). (2004). Workplace violence: Issues in response. Quantico, VA: Critical Incident Response Group, National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime, FBI Academy.

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View the PDF transcript for Basis of Workplace Violence (media/week9/SU_PSY3011_Workplace_Violence.pdf)

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