A factory has 10 departments, all of which have quality problemsleading to delays in shipping products to customers. A breakdown ofthe number of quality problems for each department (listedalphabetically) is as follows: (1) assembly, 16; (2) finalpackaging, 9; (3) finishing, 37; (4) forging, 73; (5) foundry, 362;(6) machine shop, 294; (7) plastic molding, 120; (8) receivinginspection, 124; (9) sheet metalworking, 86; and (10) tool-making,42.
(a) Construct a Pareto chart for this data.

(b) Assuming that all quality problems are of equal value, inwhich department would you start to take corrective action toreduce the quality problems?
(c) Determine the percentage of total quality problems that areattributable to the two departments (20% of the departments) withthe most quality problems.