Facility financing is a challenge, particularly for professionalteams. St. Louis just went through a painful process of offeringthe NFL and owner Stan Kroenke’s Rams an option for a nearly $1billion new stadium on the banks of the Mississippi River. Ofcourse, Kronenke and the NFL ultimately decided to move the Ramsback to Los Angeles (where the franchise moved from in 1995), andKroenke is paying $3 billion of his own money to build a newstadium. Right now, St. Louis is debating the use of public fundsto build a new MLS stadium for a franchise that hasyet-to-be-awarded to the city. Using www.theatlantic.com, find andread at least one article on the concept of public facilityfinancing. Then post a brief (5-line) summary of the article (besure to include the title, the author, and a link), followed byyour reaction. Consider also: Why do you think cities agree to givehuge tax breaks to teams or go into significant debt to buildsports facilities? Are these good deals for taxpayers? Why or whynot? Should cities like St. Louis, which struggles to fundmunicipal services like police, fire, and schools, offer thesebenefits to professional teams?