You explored a variety of supply chain management (SCM)strategies and their potential limitations. How do these strategiesapply in a real-world scenario? In this discussion, we will explorea scenario that is happening in Singapore today. Singapore is adeveloped nation in Asia that is a recognized world leader ininnovation.

This discussion addresses the following Module Outcomes:

Evaluate different supply chain strategies for improvingperformance and enhancing competitiveness.

Assess the constraints associated with the distribution of goodsand services.

For this discussion, assume you are the Chief Operations Officer(COO) for a grocery store chain in the city of Singapore. The ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO) has tasked you with evaluating your chain’sability to enter the grocery delivery business.

1. Identify the potential challenges to entering the grocerydelivery market and possible solutions. The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) would like the top three challenges presented, along withpossible solutions.

2.  You are the CEO and have reviewed the COO’s topthree challenges and possible solutions. Provide them feedback onwhy one or more of their potential solutions will not work.

3. What other supply chain strategy would you recommend andwhy?