I need a research paper done by 11/7/19 no later than 5pm California time.

The paper need to include a cover page and reference page. No power point needed just the paper.

Team Research Analysis Research analysis includes a written report and power point presentation by each team. The Instructor will announce the minimum number of students per group during the first day of class. You are free to choose your teams. The grade of the research project is determined based on the following criteria. Analyze a real life ethical situation that occurred. Research what happen, the controversy, outcome and most importantly what the team thinks should have been done.

 Cover page includes students’ names and Research title.

 Written analysis must be typed.

 Each report must have an introduction including background information.

 Each report must have a summary & conclusion section.

 Conclusion must answer the problem statement included in introduction of the report.

 Each report must have a reference section.

 Length of report is determined by team

 Other points to incorporate – What was the research problem? – Why is this problem important? – How does the project fit into the context of other research? – How did you investigate the research problem? – What are your findings? – What do these findings tell you? – What do you conclude? Each student is expected to participate in the presentation of the assigned Research in a coherent manner and be able to show all the necessary analysis and computations as appropriate during the presentation.

I need to tie 2 or 3 topics from my ethics class to this paper. Like the Fraud Triangle, Corporate Social Responsibility and Kohlberg’s Stage 1- Compliance to rules.

The paper does not need to be more than 10 pages long.

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