Health and Safety might have been sufficient as a stand-alone chapter.There is so much rich content in that field.

Question #1: During the 2013 federal government shutdown OSHA inspectors were furloughed, and yet I did not observe mass injuries and worker deaths.Is there still a need for OSHA?

Hartman, et. al. address the topic of sweatshops and child labor…It is worse than that out there.30 million slaves estimated worldwide.

Which brings me to a topic that I’m surprised is not raised in an ethics textbook.Hartman, et. al. hint at the darker subjects…

Page 231: “Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest that this acknowledged authority of employers over employees, or simply managers over subordinates, is not always exercised in a just or fair manner…”(emphasis added.)

With respect to the subject of bullying: Did you see the 2013 news story about Rebecca Sedwick, the12-year-old Florida girl who was bullied at school so badly that her parents took her out of school?The bullies continued with cyber-bulling to the extent that Rebecca committed suicide.

Please take 15 minutes or so to refresh your memory on Stanley Milgram, and his Obedience to Authority Experiment.

Then please watch Philip Zimbardo’s The Stanford Prison Experiment.(Parental waning: contains brief nudity, suggestions of sexual perversion, and some foul language—if these offend you then read up on Zimbardo’s work.)

Question #2: Are humans inherently evil?