Ethan S Class Is Handing Out Balloon Arrangements Consisting Of 4 Balloons Each 2

  1. Ethan’s class is handing out balloon arrangements consisting of 4 balloons each. Each balloon has an equally likely chance of being red, blue, or yellow. Ethan created a spinner to simulate this probability. Here is Ethan’s data from 30 trials of 4 spins on the spinner (r = red, b = blue, y = yellow):

    ybrr bybb rbbb rrry rbbb rryy yybb ryry ryyr rbyr ryyr rryy rrrr yrby bbyy byyr byyr byyb rbby ybry rryy rbrr rybb bbbr rrbr ybry ryrr rryb rrrb rryr

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    According to this data, what is the experimental probability that an arrangement will contain exactly one blue balloon?

    A 0.25

    B 0.633

    C 0.667

    D 0.367