Ently Used In Fcc What Is The Shape Of The Catalyst Particle What Is The Size Of

1)   What kind of catalyst is currently used in FCC? What is the shape of the catalyst particle? What is the size of the catalyst particle? (15 points)

(2)   What kind of reactor in FCC? How long does the cracking take place? (10 pounts)

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(3)   What are the phases involved? (10 points)

(4)   What are the functions of the cyclones in cracker? (10 points)

(5)   What does lead to the deactivation of catalyst? (5 points)

(6)   Why is the catalyst regenerated continuously rather than in batch? (5 points)

(7)   What is the equipment in which the catalyst is regenerated? What is the principle of regeneration? (10 points)

(8)   What is the technology by which the catalyst flows in reactor, is circulated between cracker and regenerator, and is rolling in regenerator? (10 points)

(9)   Cracking is endothermic. How is the energy needed by the reaction supplied? (10 points)