E-commerce & Cyberlaw

 Please read “E-commerce & Cyberlaw – They Will Be Bullies: Mean  Girls in Cyberspace” of your textbook. Then answer the following  questions (include your thoughts). Why would the judge not find a  criminal violation? Is it a crime to bully over the Internet? Are there  any other criminal statutes that are applicable to Lori Drew’s actions?  Do you think Ms. Drew should have also been charged with the death of  Megan Meier rather than with conspiracy, unauthorized computer access,  and three lesser charges? Why or why not? Given the amount of  mean-spirited content that is constantly posted to social networking  sites, should these sites – as well as legislation – go further to  protect their users against cyber bullying, or should users assume more  of the responsibility in protecting both themselves and their children?  Why or why not?

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