Dual Processing Psychology Rescearch Paper

Rubric for research paper:

_______ Introductory paragraph and thesis statement provided (10 points)

_______ Main ideas and subpoints are evident; the flow of the paper is logical; the paper is clearly organized according to the main points (20 points)

_______ Scientific evidence (from peer-reviewed research studies) is given to support main ideas and subpoints (30 points)

_______ Sources are cited in APA format; references are provided in APA format (15 points)

_______ Tone and word choice are appropriate for an academic paper; scientific language is used; the writing is clear (15 pts)

_______ There are no errors in spelling or grammar (10 points)

_______ Total (out of 100 points)


Grammar, spelling, and style:

Your papers should read like a review paper from a peer-reviewed journal. You will find a .pdf on D2L entitled “Writing in Psychology.” Please read this! Below is a brief list of some of the principles to follow when writing your paper.

· Please use spell check and grammar check – points are deducted for errors. Do not use contractions (e.g., “it does not” rather than “it doesn’t”).

· Please put section titles throughout your paper – it makes it easier to read. Use subtitles to indicate clearly each section of the paper; for example, title the first paragraph “Introduction”

· Thesis statements should be clear – be sure you begin each sections and each paragraphs with statement of the main point of the section or paragraph

· Learning to use the appropriate tone in an academic paper can be challenging. The best examples are the Introduction sections from peer-reviewed papers. To get into the right “headspace” for academic writing, try reading the abstracts and introductions from a few of your sources.

· Leave out any personal information (both as content or in your writing style) and focus on research findings. Do not include any personal stories or anecdotes. Use impersonal tone and style.

· As a guideline, minimize using first person (e.g., “this study was conducted…” rather than “we conducted this study…” or say “This paper addresses…” rather than “I will address…”).

· Be sure to cite all sources used in the paper. Try to paraphrase as much as possible. DO NOT QUOTE!