Draft A Formal Letter In Response To The Following Scenario

Draft a formal letter in response to the following scenario. You must include all parts of the structure for a formal letter such as the date and addressee details (You may exclude the letterhead, which will be printed afterwards with the final copy).

You are the Customer Service Manager in the company Indigo Books & Music Inc. which sells books, stationery and other products in Canada.

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15/01/17 Dr Kate Power bought a pen from an Indigo Books & Music store in Canada, as a present for her daughter.

20/12/17 Kate moved overseas to Unit 524, 42 Bage Street, Brisbane QLD 4001, Australia. 07/02/18 Kate wrote to your Customer Service to ask for information about which pen refill would fit the specific pen that she bought from your store.

03/03/18 One of your team members wrote to Kate, and told her that her daughter’s pen was not refillable.

04/03/18 Kate wrote to complain that her daughter’s pen was marked “refillable” on the packaging, and she had engraved the pen only because it was refillable.

08/06/18 You discover that your staff member made a mistake, and that the pen is indeed refillable. However, your company is not authorised to send the appropriate pen refill to an address outside of Canada.

You should respond to Kate’s complaint with a formal email to advise her how you will resolve this situation. As the Customer Service Manager, you may send her a pen of her choice, and give her an online store credit for $20.