Download The Assignment 5 Templatewrite A Wbs For The Project That You Selected

  1. Download the Assignment 5 template
  2. Write a WBS for the project that you selected in Weeks 1 and 3
  3. Establish Acceptance Criteria for 10 major Deliverables and determine who has the authority to approve/reject the Deliverable
  4. Determine Quality Standards for the 10 major Deliverables.  Outline a plan to build Quality into your product
    1. Add at least 3 new Technical Requirements to your original Requirements Matrix
    2. Add at least 2 new Quality Deliverables to your WBS and mark them
  5. Complete your original Stakeholder Engagement Plan for the stakeholders identified in the Week 3 Individual Assignment.  Make corrections to the original list of Stakeholders as needed.  You may add or drop Stakeholders as you see fit, but be sure that your final list describes the breadth of stakeholder interest in your project.  You must list at least 10 Stakeholders.  Be specific about groups of customers and users.  For example, don’t just list “Customers.”  List all possible groups of Customers, such as “Students,” “Alumni,” “Faculty,” “Staff,” “Support Specialists,” “System Administrators,” etc.
  6. Upload the Assignment 5 Template, Requirements Matrix, and Stakeholder Engagement Plan to this assignment link