Display A Complete Algorithm That Determines The Sales Tax On Purchases Under 1

Display a complete algorithm that determines the sales tax on purchases under $1.00 for a 7% sales tax rate be designed. Display the sales tax amount if the number of the cents entered was 99 or less; otherwise, display an error message.

Instead of multiplying the ammount of sales by 7% and rounding, use the following list to determine the exact amount of sales tax:

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0 to 7 cents: no tax 

8 to 21 cents: 1 cent tax

22 to 35 cents: 2 cent tax

36 to 49 cents: 3 cent tax

50 to 64 cents: 4 cent tax

65 to 78 cents: 5 cent tax

79 to 92 cents: 6 cent tax

93 to 99 cents: 7 cent tax