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From the analysis of the data, it was observed that five of the products had a stock volume of more than 300,000. The five items are located in the warehouse BLANCO and CUERO. All the sorted data is in the same State that is NY. This implies that the products were not fully sold and that is why still there were some units of the products remaining. As a result, and according to the company’s policy, there are some policies that could be implemented. For instance:

To intensify marketing strategies by the use of big data and analytics to ensure that all the firms’ targets are met (Gallino et. al, 2016).

Other method that could be used to explain trends is the use of trend lines. These graphs are usually generated from Microsoft Excel to show the nature of the slope of the shape of the curve (Vaudel et. al, 2015).

Another estimation method for analytical or statistical data is moving average criteria that consider the pattern of the given data set to give out an estimate of future values. For this analysis to be done, the data being manipulated should be the vertical column (Gunst, 2018).


That was interesting you mentioned a more aggressive marketing plan may be needed to reduce inventory. What do you think should have been done to prevent the excess inventory in the first place?

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