Week 2 Discussion


For this week’s discussion, we will expand on the non-alcoholic beverage business you began developing in the Week 1 discussion.

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

  1. Discuss three OPPORTUNITIES you can identify for your NAB business. Briefly describe each and clarify how your business can grow by pursuing each opportunity.
Information Needed from week 1

1. Company Name: “All Smiles”

The name of my company will be All Smiles. When I was a kid, I hated the after taste of heathy drinks or even flavored liquid medicine. I thought to myself lets make parents and kids happy with a beverage that make you smile anytime you drink it.

2. Product: Vitamin Juice

My non-alcoholic beverage is a Vitamin Juice for kids. This Vitamin juice is a healthy drink for kids that’s low in sugar. All Smiles Vitamin Juice comes in strawberry, Grape, Orange, Watermelon, and Peach. This juice contains a mixture of vitamins, fruits and veggies. All Smiles Vitamin Juice is the flint stone gummy of healthy juices.

3. Mission statement

The mission of All Smiles is to “Provide a healthy but satisfying vitamin juice for kids.” Who said Healthy can’t taste great?

Part 2: Please comment and give your opinion on the student post below. Please answer the the question in a min of 100 words. (Shirley)

Tea Shop

Three opportunities for the Tea Shop:

Opportunity 1. All natural tea, selecting tea bags that are made from organic leaves, ginger roots and natural flavor that makes it safe and healthy for consumption.

Opportunity 2. A tea that can relax you by helping you to unwind and have a good night rest. It can smooth the entire nervous system while stimulating the heart at the same time and it has a refreshing taste.

Opportunity 3. Good for health reasons such as colds, blood pressure problems and diabetes. The peppermint tea is used to help improve your health matters in many ways; such as the digestive system. It is good for breaking up thick mucus that build up colds. It has been stated that it can lower blood sugar in the process of relaxing.

These opportunities is good for the Tea Shop because it is more than just a relaxing tea. It is an aid in many ways to the human body. Today people deal with many issues from stress on the job to basic health issues and having a hot cup of tea will lighten the burden of a stressful day.