Customer Relationship Management Assignments Short Research Report

Customer Relationship Management Assignments Short Research Report

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Below is the link for the book! Please use chapter 1 for this assignment.

Follow the steps below .

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it’s a huge assignment for me,+2nd+Ed.,+by+Roger+J.+Baran+%26+Robert+J.+Galka&printsec=frontcover

1. Choose 1 chapter that we have already studied from the textbook that interests you.

2. Choose 1 article from a newspaper, journal, or other periodical (can be web-based as long as it is a newspaper, journal, or periodical – NOT a blog or opinion piece) that represents a concept(s) of that chapter (or portion of the chapter).

3. Choose 3 web sites that provide useful information about that concept(s) of that chapter.

4. Your research paper must be at least 3 but no more than 4 written, double-spaced pages. Your paper should use the Footnote Citation method for citing and documenting your secondary sources (instead of, for example APA or MLA Style). See Footnote Citations in the “Essentials for Students” Module.

5. Review the Grading Rubric for this research paper.

Use the following headings in your research paper (use a larger font, bolded font, or underlined font to designate headings):


· include a first paragraph, 2-3 sentences, that introduces the topic of your research paper (be sure to include the chapter number from your textbook)

· discuss in 1 paragraph why this topic interests you, why this topic is important to you, and why this topic should be important to the reader

· describe the topic in 2-3 paragraphs, going beyond what the textbook says. Assume the reader knows nothing about the topic and needs to have a good understanding of your topic after reading the introduction. Include some information from some of your secondary sources here to provide an in-depth description of the topic. Your Introduction should be no longer than 1 page long.

Key Knowledge

· This section should be the bulk of your paper – so 2-3 pages long. What have you learned about this topic through your research? Include your secondary sources. Do not simply list each secondary source and describe it in order (e.g., In XXXX, Smith indicated that . . . . In XXXX, Godsend described . . . . ” Rather, find commonalities and differences in your sources, organize your information, and integrate the secondary sources together (e.g., both Smith and Godsend agree that . . . . ” (This is a crucial critical thinking piece!)

· Provide examples of this topic from your life experiences (professional and/or personal). You can provide this as a separate paragraph or integrate it into the information above.

Future Research

· This section should be at least one paragraph long. Provide information here about gaps in the research or your knowledge concerning this subject.