• An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

    Read the following sections for this week:Argument from Consequences (10)Straw Man (12) Appeal to Irrelevant Authority (14)Equivocation (16)False Dilemma (18)Not a Cause for a Cause (20)Try to think of a time you’ve seen these used or used them yourself (by accident, of course) in your own life. You will report this in the Discussion Board.

  • Assignment

    The Cohabitation Epidemic

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    Review the article and try to find 2-3 fallacies. Use “An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments” and the Fallacies in Writing Handout to help you. Explain where you found them, and how the fallacy applies to the text

Part 2

  • Choose 2 “bad arguments” from the assigned pages and describe how you’ve seen them used (or used them yourself) in your own life.