Hands-on MIS Application Software Exercise Solution

World Health Statistics

This dataset is obtained from Census.gov, “Sample Countries Data,” and contains data by country for geographical area, population, military, health, Internet usage, HIV epidemic, development range (1 is the lowest) and more.  The learning objectives are to quickly explore data, distill important information, and display in meaningful, easy-to-read tables and graphs.

1. Import the file into Excel or Access (or your compatible application).

2. Create new columns as necessary to complete the analysis.

3. Perform the necessary steps (Sort/Filter/Pivot Table or Query/Report) to develop detailed answers for each question below:

A. What are the countries with highest HIV epidemic?

B. What is the healthiest country? What types of correlation can you see between less HIV infections and the country’s urbanization? 

C. What are the countries with highest life expectancy? What type of correlation can you see to describe the reason for high life expectancy in those countries?

D. What are the countries with high and low birth rate? Is birth rate higher or lower in the developed countries? 

Provide a business case – in the form of ONE descriptive paragraph and ONE data table – and ONE graph for each analysis. Each paragraph must refer to the information presented in the table and graph using the labeled Table # or Figure #. Use APA format to label your tables and graphs.

SUBMIT – your final report with one WORD document and one EXCEL/ACCESS file.