Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Instructor’s comments about last week’s assignment:

Connect with a professional writer in 5 simple steps

Please provide as many details about your writing struggle as possible

Academic level of your paper

Type of Paper

When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

But your SMART goals should be what you want to accomplish over the next six weeks. How about – Launch an instagram account within 6 weeks and acquire 100 followers. (Or some version of that which is measureable, specific, and time bound).

Week 2: Content Marketing

Learning Objectives


• explore ways to drive traffic to websites • reflect on concepts from the readings and lessons through discussion posts • learn the basics of SEO

Take action

• start developing a content strategy • write SEO-optimized posts – with viral headlines

o Curated and Created posts • identify keywords

Assignment Instructions: Content Marketing

This week, you will be writing for the web – exploring curated vs created blog posts, optimized for SEO, with viral headlines and clear calls to action.

1. Write One Piece of Original (Created) Content : Your created writing (and/or pictures, videos, etc.) that maps to the awareness stage of your buyers journey. Make sure you have a clear point of view and edit your writing.

2. Write One Piece of Curated Content: Curate content from third party sources and weave the curated content together with your own editorial content. Your curated content can be video, images, slideshares, tweets, other blog posts, etc. Be creative and keep it interesting. The topic you curate on should tie back to your topic and should map to the awareness stage of the buyers journey. For full credit on the assignment, you must to demonstrate the following:

• an understanding of the writing for the web best practices • an understanding of how your content maps to your audience’s journey • at least one long-tail keywords identified in each post. • a clear understanding of this week’s material, including: o what a curated blog post is, and how to combine with your own editorial content o how to appropriately credit curated content o SEO-friendly copy (with keywords incorporated)



o Viral headlines o Length of 300+ words o Engaging and well-edited blog posts that follow best practices for online writing

Instructor’s Expectations from this week’s assignment:

For this week, it’s all about content creation. You can write a blog post OR you could write content that you’d want to use on an instagram post or linked in post, or some other social media where you can have long-form content. For the CREATED piece, you can write however much you’d like, but should create piece of content that maps to your buyers journey for dog grooming services. For instance, create a piece of content that discusses the 5 benefits of professional grooming. Or Secrets to Trimming your Dog’s Nails… Whatever it is – it’s YOUR writing and your content. For the CURATED piece, I want you to find someone else’s content (a great dog grooming video – or tips from someone else) and wrap just a few sentences of your OWN editorial content around it – and pass it off as a curated piece. In both, pay attention to your headlines. And make sure your content is relevant to your audience. And has some key words you’d like to be ranked for.


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