Complete The Powerpoint.

Complete The Powerpoint.


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Survivors – Very poor people who lack energy to play sports…watch tv

Sustainers – Manual & service occupations (angry & combative)

Belongers – Middle class that prefer home & family activities

Emulators – Under 30 improving financial situation (bowling & night clubs)

Lifestyle Con’t

Achievers – Teachers, lawyers, etc. Like cocktail parties & traveling

I am me – Own exercise equip, bikes, rec. gear, inner direction

Experiential – yoga, health food, foreign films

Socially conscious – Little need for self-display & like outdoor pursuits

Integrated – Blend work & play and have close relationships with others

Create a graph

Use these numbers to create a graph on the righthand part of this slide

1999 – 25

2000 – 30

2001 – 15

2002 – 27



Create some kind of arrow graphic using SmartArt

To Do

Add a design to the pages

Change the layout of this page to include a picture on half of the slide (insert a picture)

Slide Transition

Create slide transitions for each page…they must all be different in how the slides change.