CMN6005 Disscussion3

CMN6005 Disscussion3

CMN6005 Discussion3

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To conclude our discussion of email etiquette, please write a post of two paragraphs responding to the sample emails posted in Week 2 Course Materials. In the first paragraph, please summarize what you feel the strengths and weaknesses of the emails were. Here, it’s a good idea to consider any feedback you received from the email practice or quiz on email etiquette. In the second paragraph, indicate how email correspondence in grad school at Northeastern is the same or different than in your previous educational experiences. What has surprised you? What challenges might international students face? What questions do you have?

You must incorporate at least one credible outside source to support your points. Please cite it using APA style. The initial post is due Wednesday. As this is meant to be a discussion, late posts are not accepted. Please reply substantively to the posts of at least two classmates by Friday at midnight.