Climate Change

Climate Change

come up with one creative (new and useful) and practical ways of solving the Climate change —The two solutions must be new and never before seen in the real world—Solutions need not be products or services, they can be a project, a method or a combination of these—You must develop prototypes for the one solutions

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note I have an idea that it needs to be a real app, also you need to draw prototypes to the solution take a look at the attachment

I need it in 4 hours from now

· Map app that shows the best transport mode based on carbon emission

· In the journey planner you can see the best mode of transport based on carbon emission


From the journey planner you can sort by least amount of carbon emissions.


· Gain points for choosing transport mode that saves carbon

· (E.g. trains, trams, and busses will have less carbon emissions)

· Partner up with myki, and convert points into myki money

· (this will encourage higher use of public transport)

· Profits $$$$