Chevron Texaco’s Communities Of Practice (CoPs) – Case Study

Chevron Texaco’s Communities Of Practice (CoPs) – Case Study

Communities of Practice are teams and groups whose members regularly engage in sharing and learning, based on their common interests. One might think of a community of practice as a group of people playing in a field defined by the domain of skills and techniques over which the members of the group interact. Being on the field provides members with a sense of identity –both in the individual sense and in a contextual sense, that is, how the individual relates to the community as a whole.

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Lesser and Storck, 2001:831

Within the CoPs framework, you are required to read the ChevronTexaco article and post a 400-word team analysis, answering the following questions:

1.How are the CoPs in ChevronTexaco different to an organizational network?

2.How have the CoPs been developed?

3.How is it developing tacit & explicit knowledge sharing?