Chaudhary Group: Rebuilding Nepal

You are required to analyze the case (Chaudhary Group: Rebuilding Nepal) based on the following question.

The management needs to address several questions as they navigate the foundations’ course. What element of relief work should the foundation focus on? Should they go beyond addressing the immediate need for shelters and adopt a more holistic development plan? How should they acquire technical expertise and organize themselves to successfully execute this effort? How should they work with the government in this endeavor?

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What does this case have to do with international business?  What governments in developing countries (like Nepal) should do in order to collaborate with the private sector in terms of disasters and crisis management? What would you suggest to the Nepalese government to be their future strategy in terms of international business transactions?

Provide a critical analysis of the case and provide your own opinion in a clear and concise manner with references and citations.

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