Chapter 9, Case # 48 Pp. 283-284 Case Study

Based on your calculations, readings, current literature,  and the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze the case and include the following in your discussion in addition to the questions asked:

  •     Identify the legal aspects of the fraud suspected in this case and if the fraud would fall under civil, criminal, or both?
  •        Identify any legal aspects that the fraud examiner must consider in this case specific to the US Constitution as far as the evidence needed to convict the suspect in court.
  •      Include at least 2 consent forms you feel are needed in this case (samples can be found in Appendix C of your Fraud Examiner’s Manual)


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  •      3 pages (not including title page, abstract, exhibit for your calculations done in Excel and embedded in your paper, or reference page)
  • Proper APA format
  •         Minimum of 3 scholarly sources not including the textbook