Case Study – International Business

Case Study – International Business

Case Study 4

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 Session#4 Government Interventions & Economic Integrations – Dr. Shabir Ahmad


4.1. What are the roles of comparative and competitive advantages in Hyundai’s success? Illustrate your answers by providing specific examples of natural and acquired advantages that Hyundai employs to succeed in the global automotive industry.


4.2. Discuss Hyundai and its position in the global car industry in terms of the determinants of national competitiveness. What are the relationships of the roles of demand conditions; factor conditions; related and supporting industries; and firm strategy, structure, and rivalry to Hyundai’s international success?


5-7. The Korean government has been instrumental to Hyundai’s success. In terms of national industrial policy, what has the government done to support Hyundai? What can the government do to encourage future success at Hyundai? What can the government in your country do to support development or maintenance of a strong auto industry?