Case Study

1. When setting up a new school, according to you, what are the 3 main priorities from a

finance standpoint? Don’t forget to explain why (please respond in English)

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2. Private education is booming in Sub-Saharan Africa and the education landscape can be very competitive. To facilitate our setup in new countries, we look to partner with existing local schools. What criteria would you look at to select a partner? (please respond in English)

3. In the excel file (attached in the mail), please complete the school’s cash flow forecast

in tab “1. Cash Flow Forecast”, based on inputs that you will find in other tabs.

4. Using the ppt template (also attached in the mail), please prepare a short presentation (max 6 slides) in French, describing the steps taken for the completion of the cash flow forecast that you prepared in point 3. Additional information and tips:

a. This presentation will be sent to all local point of contacts (Finance Officers) for them to also be able to complete the monthly cash flow forecasts for the school that they are responsible for. All Heads of Schools will be copied in this communication; b. Don’t forget to mention the purpose /objective of the presentation; c. Be creative; d. Put yourself in the shoes of the person receiving your presentation (some have

no financial background).