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undefinedDefining Ethics and CSR in the International Marketplace – Alon & Jaffe Ch 16.pdf

Rrequired: Youranalysis should be submitted in two parts – ethics questions andCSR questions – each under the designated heading. The Ethics and CSR chapterprovided will aid your efforts.  at least 4 pages in total. Nogrammar error please. No plagiarism. Double space, 12,( APA.)


1. Identify the CRSissues and dilemmas.2. Consider and identify the CSR- focused stakeholders. 3.Identify and apply appropriate CSR decision-making/ analyses, identifyconsequences, and explain how these informed decision-making. 4. Choose acourse of action. 5. Identify CSR actions the company can take.


1. Identify theethical issues and dilemmas. 2. Consider and identify the stakeholders. 3.Identify and apply appropriate models/frameworks of ethical analyses(1 )andidentify consequences of each(2) .

(1 )This area reaches ethical sensitivity aswell as Kohlberg’s stages of moral development as they relate to recognizingethical issues/dilemmas. (2)  Embedded in this area is the opportunity toaddress and discuss the cognitive aspects of ethical decision-making, thedeveloping disciplines of Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, and otherPsychology disciplines, and the contributions that they have made tounderstanding ethical decision-making and the psychological impediments toethical decision-making.

4. Choose a course of action.