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You have been asked by ABC Co to investigate possible fraud.  The company has provided you with 3 Excel files (customer list, unpaid invoices, and shipping list) to anlayze in IDEA.

ABC Customer List 2018.xlsx


ABC Inc Unpaid Invoices 2018.xls


ABC Shipping File 2018.xls


The first analysis you want to do in IDEA is to join the customer and unpaid invoice file to see if there were any transactions between the 2 files that do not have matching customer numbers (Result #1).  The 2nd analysis to do in IDEA is to join the unpaid invoice file and the shipping file  to see if there were any transactions between the 2 files that did not have matching invoice numbers (Result #2)

Based on your readings, current literature,  and the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze the results from your analysis, include the following in your discussion using the template provided  Week 6 Case Template.docx


· Identify what your data analysis indicates as far as the possibility of fraud at this company and what indication led you to the conclusion that fraud may or may not have been committed in this case.  Be sure to provide copies of your IDEA reports including the history files.

· What would you do next in your investigation based on your preliminary results in this investigation?

· How would you prevent any unusual transactions you found from happening in the future?

· Using the Fraud Examiner’s Manual Appendix C:Sample Forms locate the Fraud Incident Report Log. You will be creating a similar form and filling out this form specifically for this case. If you would like, you can run other commands using IDEA on this data to generate additional reports to support your conclusions.

·      3 pages including the Fraud Incident Report (not including title , abstract or reference page)

·           Proper APA format and any special format required in this case.

·           Minimum of 3 scholarly sources not including the textbook

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