you’re to use a business ethics case I provided to you in the course shell or choose one on your own. You should have at least 3 different sources for reference. The textbook should be your first point of reference, of course. In addition to answering the case study analysis, the paper should include basic theory, structures, and diagrams to support your position or point of view.

Suggested Outline for your paper:

  • Cover page: Term paper title,      course number, names of student and instructor, date, etc.
  • Abstract. No more than 300 words
  • Table of content, pagination of the      document.
  • Topic/Issue/Problem Description:      Introduction and overview of the problem/issues.
  • Discussions: Fundamental analysis      with details and graphs/diagrams where applicable.
  • Conclusion: Sum it all up and state      what you have learned/explain your position.
  • References: List of references with      standard formats and appropriate citations in the text.

Written Papers Format: 

· All papers must be word-processed; handwritten papers are NOT acceptable.

· Assignments must be typed in double-space with no more than 12 font size.

· Written assignments will contain a cover page showing the workshop number, title of the course, title of the paper, your name, and the date; as well as a reference page when citing material.

· All citations must be properly referenced in accordance with accepted principals.

it should be plagiarism free. it should be ethics based analysis. You can relate the case on egoism, deontolgy, utilitarianism which ever suits the situation talk about it. It should be based on ethics . Its a business ethics paper.

The paper should be 10 to 15 pages.

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