Can Any Help With This?

Can Any Help With This?

Internship Paper-2 page description, please include the following:

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Academic level of your paper

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When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

1. Project Description-Explanation of company, department, position.

(company: agility health; department: hospital; position: hospital technician)

2. About Me-Why did you choose the company, your skill set/qualifications for the position?  Do you have a LinkedIn profile that is up to date?  Do you actively engaged in work related social media? What other types of business networking do you participate in?

(a- I choose the company because I am studying supply-chain and management and the position had to do with it. B- skills: customer service; Team player and adaptable to change, Result-oriented Approach. C- no I don’t have a LinkedIn up to date. D- no I don’t actively engage in work related social media. E- I don’t participle in anything.)

3. Process Improvement-What was your position responsible for, how did you improve that process or suggest improvements?  Was the company receptive or not?

(I am currently working as a hospital technician at Memorial Hermann Hospital. One of the big issues that we have is the disappearance of couples of an equipment called an Aergin. AER cost $1000 each so them missing affects the company revenue. They each have a barcode but still are so small that losing them is easy. Nevertheless, as a solution the hospital should have one person on each shift run the AER list so they can be constantly looked for or searched.  Moreover, they should make sure it’s consistent each day; scanning them daily. doing so, each scanned scanner will be easy to track back. I never suggested that process)

4. Initiatives-Discuss how you implemented some creativity in your internship.  Talk about something that you were not specifically required to do, but saw an opportunity to improve.

(on my shift, I run the AER list so they can be constantly be traceable and easy to locate)

5. Technology-What technology did the position require; did you learn a new technology?

(basic computer skills and how to test a ventilator: they gave me a training to learn that.)

6. Future Education/Certifications- What are your strengths? What areas do you need to improve, be specific?  What is your plan to improve in this area?

(know how to use SAP but need some improvement to master it. Add some stuff….)

7. Future Career Goals & Ambitions-What company/position would you like to work for next? What are the requirements for the job?  Do you meet all of the requirements? If not, which requirement will you have to work on and how will you accomplish the training, skill, etc?  Please be specific with company, position, requirements.  Research this via job websites.

(my goal is to start by being a freight forwarder for any company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution and finally own my own company. For the requirement, I just need in addition to my supply-chain and management degree a freight forwarder license.)

Internship Presentation-via WebEx

Put together 5-10 PowerPoint slides from the information above.