Caitlin and Joan, who work in the same office, report to Barbara, who works in another building. Joan has sporadically complained to Barbara about Caitlin’s bullying behavior. For example, Caitlin bullied Joan into filling out all of the department’s required monthly reporting forms, rather than sharing some of the task. Barbara had previously dismissed these complaints as just routine grumbling. Now she is spending a month working in the office with Caitlin and Joan while the other building is being renovated. Within a few days, she can see firsthand what Caitlin does and the effect it has on everyone else, not just Joan. Barbara suddenly recalls that one other employee had complained about Caitlin—during her exit interview before taking a job with another company. Barbara realizes that the conflict is creating stress for everyone in the office. She values both Caitlin and Joan as good workers.

4.  If she should intervene what conflict management approach is appropriate (refer to table 7.4)?

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