Business Writing

Business Writing

Write a one-page email with ideas and plans for fitness issues. Be sure to include examples and details of the plan.Finish in twelve hours

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Management 306

Email Assignment


Since so many of you seem to be missing your workouts during this stay-at-

home order, I thought this would be an interesting topic.


The current pandemic is causing devastating economic distress for small

businesses throughout the country. If small businesses are not deemed “essential,”

they have been forced to shut down completely. Among the hardest hit industries is

the physical fitness segment. Large corporate gyms, smaller boutique fitness

studios, and gyms specializing in various forms of fitness have been forced to close

their doors, leaving employees with no income and members without a place to



You are the owner of a small but very successful fitness studio (I expect you to

make up the name and the specialty.) You have been able to continue to pay your

employees and the business’s other expenses for the past 6 weeks. But, you have

gone through all of the business’s savings.


Now, you have gotten word from several members who have decided to stop

paying their monthly dues. Monthly membership dues are your business’s only

source of income, and the only way you can keep your business afloat through

these extremely unique times.


You have decided to EMAIL all 500 of your gym members. You need at least 75%

of the members to continue paying monthly membership dues if you have any

chance to re-open once the pandemic has passed.


Assignment: Send an email to your business’s members. What exactly can you

think of to tell them about your situation? How are you going to convince them

to continue paying dues – even though your business is unable to offer its usual

services. What is your plan moving forward for your business and the members?

Explain your plan to the readers of your email.


The detail and information you provide in your email is up to you. However, your

email must clearly communicate your ideas and your plan to the readers.


Send your effective, professional email to