Business Writing

Business Writing

1.) DO NOT list DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES on your resume : My duties included answering phones, taking reservations, customer service, and blah, blah, blah…. no one cares what you did. Potential employers ONLY care how WELL you did these things! Time to list your  ACCOMPLISHMENTS – not duties!

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2.) DO NOT list vague, meaningless terms/phrases!!!!!!!!!! – team player, multi-tasking, great communication skills, computer efficient, etc, etc. These WEAK, VAGUE PHRASES do nothing to make you appealing to a potential employer. If I told you 99 out of 100 other applicants use these very SAME terms and phrases, would you STILL use them? I hope not!!! TAKE THEM OFF OF YOUR RESUME.

3.) Do NOT WASTE TIME!  Use the top of your resume to HIGHLIGHT your skills and/or QUALIFICATIONS. Research indicates readers (potential employers)  will spend 8 -15 seconds looking at a resume. NO MORE “Objectives.”


TO HIGHLIGHTING YOU Extra Credit Alert: I have hidden the titles of at least 15 movies in the resume slides. If you can find at least 12, email them to me, and you will get extra

credit. (The movie posters don’t count.) Have fun!!!



Creating an Effective 21st Century Resume

Perhaps you already have an “effective” resume – if you have ever used a resume and it has helped

you get an interview, an Italian Job, or The Internship congrats!

But, things change, right? Competition is intense – so you might have to update that once “effective”

resume. Here’s how we are going to make your resume better – by turning that old 20th century resume

into a 21st century resume! One that SHOWS the reader how good you are

using clear, detailed EXAMPLES!!!



Employers LOVE a one-page RESUME! But, this is really up to you.

Your resume “should” be ONE PAGE – if possible. If you have more than one page, it’s not Armageddon, The

End of Days, or Apocalypse Now.

Yes, it might be hard to fit all of your work experiences, education, training, and qualifications on one page; however, in regards to writing,


No one wants to read LONG resumes – no matter how impressive – so get to the good stuff early and impress the

reader with your ONE PAGE masterpiece!!!

***If you have more than one page, it better LOOK GOOD and everything better make YOU LOOK GOOD!



What is an “effective” 21st Century Resume?

! An effective resume is any resume that gets you the job! or at least gets you an interview.

! An effective resume is job specific. Do not send out general, vague resumes to several potential employers. ! A job specific resume shows potential employers you

are serious about their job. ! An effective resume uses all the tricks: headings, bold

type, bullets, white space, examples, lists, and informative sections that highlight your qualifications. ! Using these writing “tools” effectively will make your

resume professional looking, and it will be very easy to read. This will get your resume noticed, picked up, and read.



What is common to most effective resumes? ! They LOOK GOOD! This is KEY! ! They are easy to read and follow. ! They have clearly defined sections. ! They contain specific examples that show how good you

are. ! They begin with a “Highlights” or “Qualifications” section

– which grab the readers’ attention immediately. ! They do not have vague phrases – like “team-player,

motivated, customer service.” ! They lists ACCOMPLISHMENTS – not duties &

responsibilities, and certainly not Music and Lyrics ! They have ZERO typos/mistakes. ! They are polished.



List Current Items FIRST Using Chronological Resumes

This is what I want. It is the most common, modern style.

! Most effective resumes are chronological. They are organized by dates.

! Chronological resumes are actually “reverse chronological” resumes. The most recent dates appear first, followed by subsequent dates.

! This applies to all dates for employment, education, and any other section that requires a list of dates. ! List your current job FIRST in the Employment

section. List your current school (CSUSB?) FIRST in the Education section.



Don’t want to use dates? Some use a “Functional” Resume

! Functional resumes are less common – they list general skills, some specific jobs, and other vague information.

! These resumes are usually suspicious because there is usually no timeline, company name, or location; therefore, readers/potential employers have no idea what you have been doing in the past.

! People have reasons for using a FUNCTIONAL resume – a Rocky past is one reason.

! Lack of work experience, large gaps in employment history, “unofficial” work experience, seasonal work ! EX: I have seven years of professional experience as an electrician

and general contractor. ! EX: For parts of five years, I have worked in warehouses and

loading docks.



How to Write Your Resume You Have Some Important Decisions to Make

! Will you use: complete sentences or action verbs? ! In the past, action verbs have been preferred.

! Words such as: earned, awarded, given, selected, promoted, worked and others were used to begin ideas. But this can sound CHOPPY and UNNATURAL.

! For example: Awarded Employee of the Month three times. ! Earned several awards. ! Graduated with honors.

! This style made the writer seem goal oriented and cut down on the number of words. Do you like it?



You MIGHT Consider Using Complete Sentences. This is a very MODERN resume style. ! Complete sentences will allow your resume to

sound natural, like the way you talk. This is one of the keys to WRITING WELL, remember?

! Complete sentences also allow you to show how well you write. Why not use them? ! I was awarded “Employee of the Month”

honors three times during the past year. ! I graduated with honors after three educational years at

California State University, San Bernardino. ! Notice these are not long, complicated ideas. You do not want to create a

novel. Your writing is clear and to the point.



Does your current RESUME use an old, tired, boring1960’s or 1970’s style? Think about it…

! Why have you created a resume that was “effective” in the 1980’s and 1990’s? ! My point: you must create a MODERN resume!

! How can you spot an OLD Resume? ! OLD resumes have: objectives, references, list

duties and responsibilities only, vague words and phrases, lack of specific examples, lack of originality. ! Does your current resume use these “old”

concepts? If so – time to do better!




Want to RUIN your resume? Part I

– If you list DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES you will hurt your chances and ruin your resume! – -In fact, if you USE the word “duties” or “responsibilities” you are doomed!

! One of the biggest resume killers is focusing on what you do/did!

! Responsible for providing fast, efficient service. (UGH) ! You should be focusing on explaining HOW WELL

you do/did your job! ! By providing fast and efficient service, I was promoted

twice and given a staff to train. (Yes!) 11




Your resume should not be “duties” driven; it should be “accomplishment” driven

! Do not write a resume that simply lists your duties. You should always describe how well you performed your duties.

! Employers do not want to know you answered phones, delivered product, took customers’ orders, or stocked shelves.

! Potential employers want to know how well you did these things. ! Any job you include on your resume MUST show your ability.

You must have had some kind of success. Promoted? Helped create sales? Given extra responsibility? Trained others? Think of what you did to help your employer and include this information.

! If your resume simply lists duties, it will be down-graded.





Brag about your accomplishments – if you don’t – no one will ! Old style:

! Duties: answered phones, placed orders, created schedules. BORING! and VAGUE!

! Responsible for providing fast, efficient customer service. (<— notice the writer never actually says he/ she DID these things – only responsible for this.)

! New improved, preferred method: ! While I was in charge of answering phones at Lord of the

Rings, sales increased by 20% due to my quick thinking. The orders I placed were rated 99% accurate, which also helped sales increase. I was given the added responsibility of making weekly schedules.





If you don’t know what you do well – ask your Boss Baby!

! Server ! Waited tables, made drinks, seated customers. (old, outdated, and

vague. We know what a server’s duties are. What we don’t know is how well you did these duties.) ! TRY THIS:

! As a server at Mel’s Diner, I was given multiple responsibilities. I waited tables, seated customers, and filled drink orders all while maintaining my status as the diner’s top-rated employee.

! Because of my quality service, I was promoted twice in a one year period, and I was given added responsibility, including opening and closing the restaurant.





Qualifications ! Team-player ! Highly Motivated ! Excellent Communication Skills ! Computer Efficient ! Multi-tasking ability

Let’s be honest: these meaningless phrases are ADDED to the bottom (or top) of resumes because the writer (YOU?) has NOTHING ELSE TO ADD – so they waste the reader’s time by using these phrases they have seen used on other resumes. Time to ERASE these awful, vague, tired, ideas – and add…EXAMPLES!




Eliminate “dead” phrases, tired ideas, and meaningless cliches

A major mistake on many resumes is the overload of vague, general, phrases. The biggest problem with these phrases is they are VERY vague and are now considered meaningless. These phrases are usually added when writers have nothing else to say or add, which is why they are usually tacked-on at the end of a resume.

Examples: team player, goal oriented, excellent communications skills, computer efficient, works well with others, able to take directions, works well individually, dedicated, hard worker, ambitious, detail oriented, people person, self- motivated, fast learner, capable, problem solver NO MORE! STOP using these. They DO NOT HELP YOUR RESUME! See how general these phrases are? Without specific examples, these ideas make your resume weak.




You can use “team player” IF you give examples of your “team player-ness” – LIKE THIS:

! While working at Toys R’ Us, I was known for being a team player. I was a shift leader for the night crew, volunteered to help train new employees, and voted most helpful by my co-workers.

! OR- ! I have excellent computer skills. I have taken seven different classes at

CSUSB ranging from basic programming to more advanced anti – hacking software design.

! FYI – Efficient computers skills i.e. – Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. is NOT considered valuable. Is there anyone on this planet who does not have these very basic COMPUTER skills? Why add it, if 99.9% of fellow applicants have the same ability.




You want the FEWER WORDS/ACTION VERBS version?

! Team-player: Toys R’ Us night crew shift-leader, volunteered to help train new employees; voted most helpful by my co-workers

! OR- ! Excellent computer skills: completed seven different computer

classes at CSUSB, ranging from basic programming to more advanced anti-hacking software design

! These are NOT sentences now – so they are not punctuated as a sentence.

! The choice of styles is yours, but remember, BE CONSISTENT with whatever style you use!




No MORE Vague Ideas/Phrases ! So if you want to say you are a hard worker,

motivated, loyal, dedicated (or anything else that makes you sound like a golden retriever) you better give examples that PROVE you are what you claim to be! ! I am dedicated to children’s education. I have a degree

in liberal studies; I have published three papers about the importance of reading to pre-schoolers; I founded a charity with my friend Andy Dufresne called “The Shawshank Redemption Book Club” which delivers books to underprivileged children in the San Bernardino area.

! SEE? CLEAR, SPECIFIC, EXAMPLES that PROVE this person is DEDICATED! In this case, this person is dedicated to improving children’s education, right?




Information Almost All Effective Resumes Have ! Contact Information (Name, address, phone number, cell number, email)

! Qualifications/Highlights/Skills section at the TOP (Using an “Objective” is now considered out of style. However, some jobs ask for it. It is up to you, but remember, 8-15 seconds is all you get to catch the reader’s attention.)

! Education (reverse chronological list of schools you have attended)

! Employment (reverse chronological list of all recent jobs/last ten years or so/ DO NOT use ONLY the word —>EXPERIENCE (TOO VAGUE) Use “Work Experience” or “Employment History”)

! Additional Section – if necessary, you can add another IMPORTANT section – Professional Training, Volunteer Work, Internships. There are many other sections you may add including awards, achievements, specialized training, personal matters, and affiliations.

! References are no longer required. DO NOT list references! “Reference available upon request” is a NO-NO.



Contact Information/Name – If they don’t know your name, what’s the point?

! All contact information will appear at the top of the resume.

! Your name: it should be in the biggest, boldest font on your resume: Alice Walker.

! Your name should be your “official name,” not a nickname.

! If your resume has more than one page, your name and email should appear at the TOP of the other page/s as well.



Contact Information/Address

! Mailing Address- no PO Box if possible/no temporary residences. Why not add ALL your information? ! 12345 Main Street/Riverside, CA/92508

! Phone number/cell number- give both if you have them. Most employers would prefer to talk to you on a “land-line” (if possible) rather than on a cell phone. Just be sure to indicate cell phone. (Cell / 909-235-0909)

! Email address (By now, you should have a professional sounding/ looking email address. sexybeast@hotmail is unacceptable.) ! If submitting your resume electronically, turn the hyperlink ON, so

the reader can click on it and email you right away. ! Some are choosing to add web pages/links and social media

information (Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in) to their contact information as well.



Contact Info-How Should It Appear on the Page? ! There are several possibilities. ! Centered, Justified Left, Right, or Split ! Be sure to separate your contact information

from the rest of the resume using a solid line- break of some kind.

Cole R. Metz 19618 Crestmont Pl. Riverside, CA 92508

Home (951) 776-1234/Cell (951) 776-5678 Email:




Cole R. Metz 19618 Crestmont Pl. Riverside, CA 92508 Home (951) 776-1234 Cell (951) 776-5678




Justify Left

Cole R. Metz 19618 Crestmont Pl. / Riverside, CA 92508 Home (951) 776-1234 / Cell (951) 776-5678



Split Cole R. Metz 19618 Crestmont Pl. Riverside, CA 92508 __________________________________________________________

Home (951) 776-1234 Cell (951) 776-5678


19618 Crestmont Pl. Riverside, CA 92508

Cole R. Metz Home (951) 776-1234

Cell (951) 776-5678 Email:




Find a style you like Cole R. Metz

19618 Crestmont Pl. * Riverside, CA * 92508 * (951)776-1234






Careful with Commas – They can cause confusion and be hard to read

! Never use commas to separate items in a resume. You should always use white space, either vertical of linear. Or, you can use symbols to separate items if you are pressed for space.

Bartender, Chili’s, Riverside, CA, 2015 – current (UGLY)

Use the TAB key and add white space instead: Bartender Chili’s Riverside, CA 2015 – current

Student, Accounting, California State University, San Bernardino, 2017 – current (hard to read)

Student * Accounting * California State University, San Bernardino * 2017 – current




Should I include an OBJECTIVE? Probably Not! ! A stated objective is no longer required; however, some JOBS might ask you to include

one. It should come right after the contact information, right below the line break. ! This should be your thought process in regards to a stated objective: ! If you are job specific, it is clear, but limits your opportunities:

Cole R. Metz 19618 Crestmont Pl. * Riverside, CA 92508 Home (951) 776-1234 * Cell (951) 776-5678


Objective: I am looking for a challenging career as a bank teller at Bank of America.

(Notice this objective is job specific. But, it might limit the jobs you will be considered for.) Is this effective? Some say yes. But, it takes time to read, and might be obvious information. So MOST now begin resumes with a HIGHLIGHTS section!



Instead of an OBJECTIVE – begin your resume with… A GREAT Movie Poster!

Wait, what does that mean? Let me explain.

A great movie poster is the FIRST thing we notice about movies. We usually see the movie poster in the theater. And, it is designed to CATCH YOUR ATTENTION! An “effective, interesting, powerful, intriguing” movie poster is IMPORTANT!

Why? Because it makes me want to see the trailer, which makes me want to see the movie!

! The HIGHLIGHTS section at the TOP of your RESUME IS the poster; your resume is the trailer; meeting you for an interview IS THE MOVIE! Make sense???




When I was a kid, I loved monsters and robots. So when I saw this movie poster…

I was hooked!




! This poster grabbed me right away. ! The TOP of your RESUME must do the same thing. ! The TOP of your RESUME “IS” your movie poster!










You have ONLY 8 – 15 seconds to impress the reader…go!!! ! According to recent data, the average resume

receives approximately 8-15 seconds of readers’ attention. They will scan your resume for 6 SECONDS! Fast and Furious, right? ! If your resume fails to impress the reader, catch

his/her eye in the first few seconds, your resume will end up where most do…in the trash. ! So, how are you going to make a stronger,

quicker, more meaningful statement EARLY on your resume? Well, let’s do this….




Your RESUME MUST begin with a “Qualifications” section OR “Highlights” section. Call IT what you want – but you must have outstanding examples at the TOP of your resume.

! Instead of a stated objective, many resumes now begin with a Skills or Highlights or Qualifications section. (If you do use an objective, it goes before the HIGHLIGHTS SECTION.) ! This “Highlights”section is designed to immediately

alert the reader to your specific skill set. ! You want the reader to be impressed by your

qualifications. ! In this section, you will want to list several impressive skills you might

have. Think of adding an employment highlight, an educational highlight, awards, specialized training, or anything else you believe will impress the reader.




Highlight your Qualifications AT THE TOP of your resume!!!

If done correctly, your HIGHLIGHTS section will motivate the reader to continue reading your RESUME and see what other VALUE you will bring to this job.

Qualifications ★ Master’s Degree in Finance ★ Eight years of professional experience ★ Twice named Employee of the Year – 2014, 2015 ★ Managed a high-volume store and increased profits by 12% ★ Currently enrolled in PhD program – Business Law ★ Bilingual – English and Spanish





Here is one example – see the qualifications?




This section works well – but NO proficient computer skills are





Create something that the reader will be impressed with – or they

will not read the rest of your resume.




Education Section ! This usually comes after the Highlights/Qualifications section. But if the job

requirements stress experience over education, you should place your work experience section before the education section.

! List all degrees in reverse chronological order: Education

Accounting California State University, San Bernardino 2017 – current >Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Accounting at CSUSB. I have

completed 80% of the classes with a GPA of 3.8.

Economics University of Redlands 2012 > I graduated with honors from U of R with a BA in Economics.



Education continued ! There is generally no need to include your high school, unless it is helpful.

(Prestigious school, valedictorian, class president, etc.) Do NOT list high school – all it does is indicate your AGE – which you NEVER want to do!

! You can include GPA, major GPA, classes taken, honor roll, Dean’s List, or anything else you feel is worthy of mention. You can include scholarships (awards/achievements?) and internships (employment) in this section if you wish. ! ONLY ADD GPA IF IT IS HONORS OR BETTER < 3.5

! When listing your schools, you can included city and state. ! University of Redlands Redlands, California ! Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga, California ! Be sure you know the exact name of the school you attend. No

kidding? SEE NEXT SLIDE…




CSUSB Do you know the EXACT name of this university? You sure? Do you know how to WRITE it correctly?

Here are some of the ways others have INCORRECTLY written the name of our school:

– California State University San Bernardino San Bernardino California <—huh? ! What? CSUSBSBCA??? is this correct? NO! – this will NOT fit on a


– Cal State San Bernardino <— NO! Do NOT abbreviate the school’s name! – CSU San Bernardino <— NO! Do NOT abbreviate the school’s name!

– University of California San Bernardino <— NO! When did we become a UC school?

– California State University of San Bernardino <—NO! There is NO “of” in the name of our school – there is no “in, on, by, near, close to, around.” 25



If you want a degree, you better know the EXACT name of this university and how to write its name correctly !

OK – how the Heck do I write it?

! It’s not as hard as you think:

California State University, San Bernardino (YES) California State University, San Bernardino (YES) California State University, San Bernardino (YES) California State University, San Bernardino (YES)

! CSUSB can be used IF you write the complete, proper name earlier in your document: ! I attended California State University, San Bernardino for three years

and earned a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. I was also an active member of the Management Department at CSUSB for several quarters.




Employment Section Do not write “Experience”- it is too vague! “Professional Experience” or “Employment History” is fine.

! Start with most recent job, and list others in reverse chronological order.

! Remember, try not to just list duties. You should tell how well you performed your duties.

Employment History

Bounty Hunter Chico’s Bail Bonds Fresno, CA 2013-present

During my years with Chico’s Bail Bonds, I have helped capture and hunt down some of the most ruthless criminals in Fresno. My department is responsible for returning 127 criminals in a six month period. I have been given four promotions during my time as a bounty hunter, due to my excellent service and the untimely deaths of three of my co- workers.

Short Order Cook Mel’s Diner Phoenix, AZ 2005 – 2013

As a short order cook, I helped turn Mel’s Diner into one of the top eateries in Arizona. The diner’s customers voted my “Double Chili Heart-burner” the best chili dessert in the desert. The diner’s profits rose 28% due to my creative menu.



Adding and additional section? You can, but ONLY if it is important and makes your resume stronger. NO hobbies, no Hobbit

! Many resumes will include one additional section. ! This is the section where you can add anything that highlights you as a

worker, student, person, athlete, volunteer, mentor, or anything else that you have not had an opportunity to highlight so far.

! In this section, be sure to give an overall excellent impression of your strengths and skills – your VALUE. ! You can add excellent computer skills, language skills, speaking and

writing skills. You can include almost anything that shows what a VALUABLE asset you will be to that company. Be sure these things will aid your efforts.

! Many people want to include personal abilities. These might be interesting, but they should be important and somewhat related to the position you are applying for.

! I was voted team captain of my high school water polo team for two seasons. (Interesting? Important? Maybe- if you are trying to show you have leadership skills.)

! DO NOT add anything unless it shows your VALUE!




Keying Wen 4420 North Varsity Ave.

San Bernardino, CA 92407 Cell: (909)-653-7658★Email: ! ! ! Qualifications

• Current pursuit of bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting • Over 85% of business courses completed • One promotion during two-year professional accounting work experience • Advanced computer knowledge of Accounting Information System • Multilingual speaker in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Korean

! ! ! !! ! Education California State University, San Bernardino San Bernardino, CA Bachelors of Arts Degree: Accounting Concentration September 2014-Present

• I have currently earned a cumulative GPA of 3.96. • I was awarded “AFFSA Scholarship” in April 2016. • I have been Dean’s List recipient for 5 quarters. • I received Presidential Letter twice in academic year 2014 and 2015. • I am a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, which is considered “best in business”.

Guangdong University of Finance & Economic Guangzhou, China Bachelors of Arts Degree: Taxation September 2013-July 2014

• I earned a cumulative GPA of 3.50. • I was the director of Student Association, and was awarded “best leader of the year” in 2014.

! ! ! ! !

Employment History Great Wall Securities Co., LTD. Guangzhou, China Assistant Accountant June 2012-August 2014

I was hired as Junior Accountant in the first year, in charge of collecting invoices and preparing journal entries. My high work efficiency, preciseness, and good communication skill were soon highly appreciated by my department manager, as I could finish a general ledger with zero error when others were still working on the invoices. One year later, because of my extraordinary work performance, I was promoted as Assistant Accountant to work on AIS, income statements, balance sheets, as well as new-employer trainings in accounting department.

! ! ! ! !

Volunteer Experience • The China Export Commodities Fair ★Voluntary translator★ China ★August 2014

• AIESEC Global Community Development Program ★Volunteer★ Indonesia ★April 2013 • AIESEC Global Community Development Program ★Volunteer★ Thailand ★January 2012




Graphic Designer Daniela I. Fuentes Contact (909)239-2341

4312 Lindbrook Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90024


Business Administration & Arts and Humanities April 2011 – July 2013 Imperial Valley College

Graphic Design August 2009 – July 2010 Universidad del Valle de México (UVM)

Graphic Design & Marketing September 2013 – Current (senior) California State University of San Bernardino


University Credit Union August 2015 – Current Senior Graphic Design Specialist

Luxottica (Lens Crafters) June 2013 – Current Eyecare Advisor

Coach July 2013 – October 2014 Fashion Advisor

Top sales for 12 months. Increased company’s sales 30% (ytd)

Developed multiple templates that

brand identity.

Designed Summer Loan Campaign that generated $1.5 million in loans.

Surpased personal sales goal by 40% in 3 months.

Graduated with honors. Top 10 students.

3.50 GPA

Full Scholarship. 9.5/10 GPA

City of Rancho Cucamonga July 2014 – October 2015 Graphic Designer




ENGLISH Advanced


FRENCH Basic level

ITALIAN Basic level


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Muse Adobe Bridge

Grid & layout. Good sense of typography. Color theory knowledge. Image editing & retouch. Web design. RGB, CMYK

Cinema 4D Publisher Final Cut





Jamie Santiago 8510 Second Street (951) 923-6506 Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

OBJECTIVE: Looking for accounting career at Southern California Gas Company.


° Pursing a degree in business administration concentrating in accounting. ° Three years of professional administrative and accounting experience. ° Specialized in accounts payable, administrative payroll, and accounts receivable. ° Promoted twice in the last year in my accounting department. ° Bilingual in Spanish and English.

EDUCATION September 2012- Expected 2017 California State University, San Bernardino San Bernardino, CA Bachelors of Arts: Business Administration Accounting Minor: Human Resources

Currently a full-time student pursing a degree in Business Administration concentrating in Accounting along with a minor in Human Resources. More than 65% of my classes have been completed with a cumulative 3.4 GPA. I have been on the Dean’s List for three consecutive quarters.


August 2013- Present Hammer Insurance Corporation Ontario, CA Accounting Assistant Within three months of working as Data Entry Clerk I was promoted to an Accounting Assistant. Due to my hard work and consistency of being detailed orientated. I have successfully provided accurate financial statements and implemented new budget plans that resulted in 28% of cost savings to our company.

January 2012- May 2012 Patriot High School Jurupa Valley, CA AVID Tutor I was awarded Best Tutor for three consecutive months because I successfully guided and helped students toward academic and personal achievements. I have tutored over 400 students in mathematics, and 69% of students that I have mentored have been successfully admitted to a university or community college.


December 2015- Present Experienced Tax Professional Victorville, CA Tax Preparer Intern Successfully followed federal tax laws and helped prepared income taxes for firms and individuals.

December 2014- March 2015 VITA San Bernardino, CA Tax Preparer Intern Effectively prepared taxes for low income families in San Bernardino county with the help of professional Certified Public Accountants.



Additional Things to Remember ! Resumes are rarely longer than 1-2 pages. If you have more

than one page, be sure to put a page number, or “continued,” or “page 1 of 2” at the bottom of the page.

! Also, be sure to include some contact information on the top of the next page, just in case your pages get separated.

! Never staple your resume. ! Be sure to use some kind of resume paper. White and tan are

common, but it is your choice. ! NEVER include anything negative, or anything you are

uncomfortable discussing. ! You should try to avoid references to race, sex, age,

politics, and religion unless it is appropriate.