Business Plan

Business Plan

The Final Business Plan Assignment is a research supported business plan that should demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge of the course content.

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For this assignment, you will need to propose a small business that you would like to start in real-life or hypothetically. Regardless of your actual intent to start the business, you must conduct actual research to support the paper as if you were going to pursue entry to the business.

At the minimum, your Business Plan should include the sections as identified in the table on page 156 of your textbook (6.4 Abbreviated Business Plan Outline) and a summary conclusion about your learning through the business plan process.

You should use section headings to clearly identify the sections and allow readers to quickly find information they are looking for.

You should support your work with research including in-text citations and a reference list. Citations and bibliographic entries should be in APA format.

The writing of the Final Research Paper can begin early in the course, as the various sections of the business plan match with their associated chapters of the textbook that we will be working through in the class. It is to your advantage to start this important paper early, and build it throughout the semester.

A majority of the grade for this assignment is based on how thoroughly you have researched and completed the various sections of the business plan. Other grading considerations include use of terms and concepts from the course in an informed way, ability to follow directions, research use and quality, written communication/English language skills.

Please create a business plan for a small business that revolves around a restaurant.