Business Management Assignment

Business Management Assignment


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· This coursework is a take-home assessment.

· Essay length: 1,250 – 1,500 words (not including appendices/bibliography).

· This coursework contributes 10% towards your overall grade for this module.

· There are 100 marks in total.

· All references should be acknowledged using the Harvard Referencing System.

















Life After Football

Simon, Peter and Will are three professional football players who are well-known in the North West of England, where they play for a League 1 football team.

As well as teammates, all three men are good friends, having come through the youth set up at their club and eventually progressing to the senior team. All of them are reaching the end of their football careers and are beginning to explore new career opportunities they might pursue once their playing days are over.

After a pre-season match, in July 2019, the three friends were in the players’ lounge at the club, and over lunch began discussing their ideas for careers after retiring as professional footballers.

None of the three wanted to pursue careers in football coaching or management, but all three were considering setting up their own businesses. Not surprisingly, all three expressed an interest in businesses that were related to health and fitness. Will told his two friends that he recently visited a Franchise Exhibition and was impressed by one of the health club franchises that is available in the same town as the football club they play for.

Simon suggested that the three friends should consider going into business together. “The three of us have a lot of experience in health and fitness and, if we work together, then we are guaranteed to have a successful business” he told his two friends. Although Peter and Will agreed with Simon’s idea of going into business together, Will was concerned about the lack of experience any of them had in setting up and managing a business. “The skills needed to be professional footballers aren’t the same as those for businessmen” he said. “We should get some professional advice about how to set-up the business” he went on to say.

By the end of lunch, the three friends agreed that they should explore opening a health club and that Will’s idea of getting some professional advice, was a very good idea.


Imagine you have been asked to provide Peter, Simon and Will with some advice about their proposed business.

Produce a report using the following headings:

Franchise v Non-Franchise

Discuss whether Peter, Simon and Will should buy a health and fitness franchise or set up their own business.

Legal structure

Evaluate appropriate legal structures for the proposed business.

Market Segmentation

Analyse how market segmentation could influence the marketing mix for the proposed health and fitness business.


You will be assessed for this coursework task using the NCUK assessment criteria. You must provide evidence of the following skills:

· Knowledge and understanding

· Application

· Analysis

· Evaluation

· Study skills




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