Business Information System Paper

Business Information System Paper

Please see attachment of the group paper on Ron’s BurgerShack.

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Part One: Add 2 paragraph to Alternatives Considered and Solution Selected on

Ron’s BurgerShack. Please used business information System terms.

Part Two: Add 2 paragraph to Business Process Redesign on

Ron’s BurgerShack. Explaining how those parts are changing the way the business work now for a positive change? Please used business information System terms.

Group Paper

Ron’s BurgerShack






















Ron’s BurgerShack




· Table of Contents


Introduction ………………………………………………………………………….

Statement of Problem ………………………………………………………………

Goals of the New System …………………………………………………………..

Alternatives Considered and Solution Selected ………………………………….

Details Concerning the Solution – Technology and People ………………………

Implementation ………………………………………………………………………..

Cost-Benefit …………………………………………………………………………….

Conclusion ……………………………………………………………………………

Work Cited ……………………………………………………………………………..












· Introduction


Ron’s BurgerShack is a fast food restaurant that is welcoming to all ages. It has been around since the early 2000s. Ron White, full time owner, started his business by himself. His dream was to create a well-respected fast food joint that is loved for the food and atmosphere. The items on the menu include burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, etc. In the beginning, it was very popular and busy the majority of the time. Ron’s was the place to go. As time has gone on, Ron has not updated some of his hardware and software. His equipment is nearly two decades old because nothing has changed since opening. This causes issues in daily tasks and customer service. Years ago, technology was not as important and prevalent compared to today’s world. However, Ron has seen the negative impact on his business which has made him want to make some necessary changes. The overall productivity and satisfaction will increase tremendously with the new technology and system implementation.


· Statement of Problem


Due to lack of proper system implementation, we have arrived at the conclusion that Ron’s BurgerShack is greatly lacking in many areas behind our competitors. These include, however are not limited to: lack in system automation; lack of proper system security systems; poor customer satisfaction as well as customer retention; ineffective marketing techniques; and lack of properly implemented POS Systems. The listed issues are primarily caused by the old and outdated systems, or in some cases, lack of any type of technological infrastructure. As more people began ordering on-line, Ron’s BurgerShack still receives carry-out orders via phone. The establishment does not support delivery, nor does it involve itself with DoorDash or related apps, which also makes it lose a tremendous customer base.

Moreover, there are no systems in place that allow to properly track inventory. Ron relies heavily on his own memory and employee’s mindful tracking of what needs to be ordered and what already has been ordered. What follows is a surplus and thus waste of certain items that spoil with time, and running out of other items. When the restaurant runs out of certain items, employees have to make a grocery-run to the store, which in turn causes delays within the restaurant due to insufficient number of employees as well as paying more for goods at a local grocery store. For instance, recently, the restaurant tossed out a lot of spoiled lettuce and tomatoes, while running out of cheese, onions and mustard.

Unfortunately, even if Ron’s restaurant updates its hardware, and the software there is a huge lack in IT protection. Ron’s BurgerShack has installed physical cameras around the premise for protection, however, even these are not connected to a well-established network which would allow for greater security. There are no systems in place safeguarding customer information and files are stored in a big file cabinet.


· The Goals of the New System


Ron’s BurgerShack has such an outdated IT system that our primary goal will be to bring the restaurant into a more modern on-line setting. We will create a fully functional Informational technology infrastructure, which will: improve customer service; reduce waste; improve efficiency; improve security; allow us to remain competitive in the fast-food industry; automate and streamline processes; reduce overhead costs associated with running the restaurant and its operations; and create a fully functional information network.



Through all of our improvements, it also seems imperative to establish automation to the already existing systems. First step of the automation process will involve changes in the IT systems which will allow our employees to work more effectively as well as more efficiently. This should also aid in employee retention, improved operation speeds as well as improve employee and customer retention.

With the automation of our systems, we will most likely be also faced with rationalization of the procedures, which would help us aid in current procedures, to further implement positive changes to uniformity and speed of the systems.

The food industry has been moving towards automation for a few years now, and undeniably Ron’s BurgerShack is falling behind our competitors in this area as well. When we automate our food production, we will be able to better and more efficiently make the ordered food and thus, serve our customers quicker and make our employees more efficient as well. With that, it is also possible that Ron’s Burger Shack will be able to reduce our high overhead costs.

In our automation efforts we also need to automate and improve our asset tracking systems. This is important, seeing that overhead costs can be reduced through automation in a number of ways, which include ability to track when we need are staff the most, but also the inventory we have on hand, which can reduce raw product waste, over-or-under ordering of products, elimination of additional inventory, elimination of expired products. It is important for Ron’s BurgerShack to understand that “a powerful asset tracking platform that delivers data in real time will enable restaurants to determine impending shortages, carry the proper quantities of inventory and prevent run-outs. Asset tracking will also help fast food outlets keep up with routine maintenance on their machines, run smoothly and avoid the frustration associated with malfunctioning or otherwise broken equipment.”

As parts of our automation efforts, we need to find and reach out to our customers where they are, therefore, it is imperative we reach them on their cellular devices as well as allow for on-line ordering. Based on information retrieved from Asset Panda (2019), we can see that ordering on-line, especially through a specifically designed app, has become not only very popular, but also essential. The app should allow for the consumer to browse through our menu, make their selections, choose delivery/ pickup time and even pay for the order.



However, with this increased automation, we also need to ensure proper safety feature implementation–ensuring reliable networks, as well as system protection. After all, we would not want our company’s information leaked or information that our customers have entrusted us with, such as their names, addresses and credit card information.

Based on QRS Magazine’s 2018 publication, How to Protect YouRestaurant from a Cyber Attack, such attacks are a goldmine for hackers, who can quickly and easily–without proper security measures–mine a lot of confidential information, as well as disrupt service operations. Data breaches could be extremely costly. According to the publication: “Cyberattacks on restaurants are all too common. But you can avoid becoming a victim by making sure all the basic security measures are in place; checking security as part of vetting any vendor; policing access to your network among employees, customers and third parties; and segmenting your network to contain any damage if you’re attacked (DeMetz Usher, 2018).”

Therefore, the initial security measure we must employ is installing a Firewall to safeguard our network. Firewall will aid in preventing unauthorized user access. Based on the information from Laudon et al. we know that we are looking at a hardware/ software combination which controls the network traffic. “It is generally placed between the organization’s private internal networks and distrusted external networks, such as the Internet, although firewalls can also be used to protect one part of a company’s network from the rest of the network (Laudon Kenneth et al. 318). ”

As any commercial establishment should, Ron’s BurgerShack will employ a full time monitoring software on the main system, which will be able to alert us if any suspicious activity is detected. The Intrusion Detection System scans the network is looking for patterns “indicative of known methods of computer attacks such as bad passwords, checks to see whether important files have been removed or modified, and sends warnings of vandalism or system administration errors (Laudon Kennet et al. p. 319).




· Alternatives Considered and Solution Selected

· Details Concerning the Solution – Technology and People


Restructuring our establishment and bringing it to become more technologically sound , will require constructing a new IT, or Informational Technology, Infrastructure. Based on the knowledge retrieved from Management Information Systems, we know that the IT infrastructures serves as the foundation, upon which we can build out system, and therefore it must be designed in such a way that will meet the specific needs and concerns of our restaurant: “All of these technologies, along with the people required to run and management them, represent resources that can be shared throughout the organization and constitute the firm’s information technology (IT) infrastructure (…) Each organization must carefully design and manage its IT infrastructure so that it has the set of technology services it needs for the work it wants to accomplish with information systems (Laudon Kenneth et al. 22).”

Based on further research, it seems that the automation would have been best done with the block chain databases, which would allow the restaurant to reduce some of the system management implementation costs. Based on Kennet Laudon et al. thanks to using the blockchain networks, we will be able to greatly reduce the costs associated with: verifying users; validating transactions; minimize the risks of storing customer data; minimize risk of processing information. Moreover, the blockchain system will allow us to integrate all aspects of running a restaurant and provide a centralized location connecting suppliers, accountants, banks, employees and any other stakeholders, figuring our product pricing and other logistics. Furthermore, we can enjoy the simplicity and security of the network.



· Implementation



To properly implement the described automation, Ron’s BurgerShack must make initial investments in necessary computer hardware as well as computer software, which will be able to respond to the changing structure of our establishment. It does not seem as though at this time we have the necessary systems, and thus we must invest in the physical equipment which will allow us to make the changes. The equipment should include: updated registers, updated computers, hand-held devices, communication devices. After the computer hardware investment, we need to invest in the necessary software which will allow us to automate our processes with preprogrammed instructions, capable of controlling–as well as coordinating–the new hardware.

In order to support the new customer ordering apps, we need to establish a networking and telecommunications technology. Based on the information retrieved from Laudon, Kenneth C., Jane Laudon, Management Information Systems, these networks will serve as a liaison between physical devices and the newly implemented software, as well as will aid in transferring the data between two–or more–physical locations. Based on this source, “computers and communications equipment can be connected in networks for sharing voice, data, images, sound, and video. A network links two or more computers to share data or resources (Lauden Kennneth et al. p 21)



There are many security measures that our establishment should consider. We have looked at many options, and we will begin implementing a Firewall consisting of Stateful Inspection, Network Address Translation as well as a Proxy Servers (Lauden Kenneth et al. p 319).

We have decided that it would be most beneficial to outsource the Intrusion Detection Systems to a specially designed software for restaurants.





· Cost-Benefit



The improvements made to Ron’s BurgerShacks’ IT infrastructure will provide the establishment with many benefits, including efficiency, customer and employee retention, reduced overhead and fixed costs and other economic values to the restaurant. Productivity will increase costs will be reduced and with that we will note significant increased in our revenue and allow us to gain competitive advantages over restaurants in the area who have not yet automated their processes to this degree and/or will allow us to retain our competitive edge over businesses who have automated systems, began employing online ordering and curbside pick up and even employed DoorDash systems.

There are numerous cost-benefits of streamlining and automating our process. When we make our systems and operations more efficient, we are more likely to reduce our operational costs. For instance, automation and streamline of processes has been already implemented in other fast-food restaurants for the purpose of not only becoming more efficient but also reducing some of the high labor cost as well as reducing costs associated with product waste or not having sufficient inventory levels.

Moreover, we begin to protect our vital restaurant assets, eliminate unused and unnecessary assets, save time and money through eliminating waste and improving efficiency. We can track our assets and thus, even eliminate theft. Furthermore, we will be better capable of managing our fixed assets, such as our machines, vehicles, packaging and more. It also seems as if the automation process is conducted via blockchain method. We will be able to save significantly on secure data networks, as well as costs associated with storing and protecting any sensitive information.


· Business Process Redsign


· Conclusion


Overall, Ron’s BurgerShack was falling behind their competitors at an alarming rate. However, Ron’s has been rejuvenated by the necessary technological changes. The automation process allows for work to be completed more efficiently and effectively. Also, newly implemented marketing strategies increases customer satisfaction and retention. The new POS system allows for employees to easily look back upon old sales for record purposes. This saves time and resources compared to storing this information on pen and paper. A detrimental change was updating the security system. Ensuring safety to the customers that trust Ron’s with personal information is important. A weak security system could break a businesses reputation. Ron’s BurgerShack has always had a solid foundation, but with the changes made allows it to be a much more enticing and exciting place to go.



· Work Cited


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