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Business Essay

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Essay 4- Introvert Leaders

When people think of a stereotypical leader, they often conjure up the image of a dynamic public speaker, a forceful and dominant personality, and someone who can cultivate relationships with a broad number of people. These are all hallmarks of the extroverted personality type, so it’s often been the case that extroverts rise to leadership positions more readily than introverts.

However, some question whether the social dominance and ability to command attention shown by extraverts might make them less effective leaders in certain ways. In particular, extroverts may be less likely to take advice from followers. One study investigated how quickly groups of college students could fold shirts in 10 minutes. Each group had a leader who was cued to be either extroverted or introverted. The introverted leaders took more advice from their proactive followers, and this led the groups with introverted leaders to be more effective. Thus, even though there are cases where introverts are less successful as leaders, in some conditions, they are more effective. Others note that introverted leaders can be better than extroverts at one-on-one interactions, empathy, and deliberate decision making.

Are there business executives who break the extroverted leader mold? One successful introvert is Google co-founder Larry Page, well known for developing a small number of close relationships and being an excellent chief. Colgate-Palmolive CEO Ian Cook might feel uncomfortable in front of large groups of people he doesn’t know, but he has learned to partner with more extroverted colleagues for presentations to offset his natural shyness.

CEO Mike Duke is famously low-key and reserved, but he has utilized his natural introvert skills of managing details and engineering solutions to maintain the retail giant’s dominant market position. These examples show that although extroverts might get all the attention, introverts can still make effective leaders.

Assignment: In an essay, respond to the following questions in any order you choose:

· In which kinds of situations do you think extraverts make more effective leaders than introverts? What unique introvert trait could make the extraverts more effective in those same situations?

· In which kinds of situations do you think introverts make more effective leaders than extraverts? What unique extravert trait could make the introverts more effective in those same situations?

· Are you more of an introverted or extraverted leader? What kind of changes can you make to take advantage of characteristics of the “other” style — whether it is extraversion or introversion? Which of your natural traits should you work to solidify and strengthen?

· Who is your favorite business leader? How would you describe this person’s style? What elements from this person can you “borrow” to improve your own leadership abilities? Explain.

Use of first person voice is appropriate for this assignment. Please remember to be clear and concise while demonstrating an understanding of chapter themes and concepts in your response.


Essay Writing Rules:

Analysis of real-world issues is a critical part of this class and effective writing is essential for success in the business world. During the semester you will be asked to write 4 short-writing essays. They are concerning real world issues that are relevant to the material covered in class. The instructions of essays are available on D2L and the due dates are listed in your schedule table as well as on D2L.

Each submission should be 2-4 pages long (only submit your answers–delete these instructions). When writing these essays, please refer to the fatal writing flaws included below. Late papers will never be accepted. You have plenty of warning on when the papers are due, so take into the account the possibility of an emergency and get it done early. For example, your internet being down at the time it is due is NOT a valid excuse. Each essay carries 15 points and only 3 best will be counted into your final grade.

Fatal Writing Flaws

In grading writing submissions, when the “fifth” of any combination of the “flaws” listed below is reached, your paper will be returned with a failing grade. You are strongly encouraged to use the ReWrite Connection on campus to help prevent committing these writing mistakes.

1. Subject/Verb Agreement

2. Rambling/Run-On Sentences

3. Grammatical Errors

4. Poor Sentence Structure

5. Pervasive Spelling Errors (more than a couple typos)

6. Informal or Inappropriate Language

7. No Conclusion