Business Communication 350

Business Communication 350

this is the final exam for the business communication 350 please don’t accept until you are sure can do it

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Biz 350 Business Communications

Final Exam

Part 1-ESSAY

Below are 10 ESSAY Questions. Worth 10 points each. Answer each question by typing the question in bold and your answer two blank line spaces below the question. Answer in complete sentences, except for listings. Explanations of listings should be in complete sentences. Your Exam should be returned no later than 11:00 pm on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

1. What are the three major sources for documentation of quotation of people, documentation of information, and ideas in reports? Explain each type and give an example when it would most appropriate to use.

2. List and explain four reasons sources should be documented.

3. Name and describe three guidelines that should be followed when paraphrasing information.

4. What is the appropriate length (number of words) for a text-based report? Discuss the advantage(s) and disadvantage(s) of reports being either too short or too long.

5. Describe what has to be documented in a report.

6. In preparation for an interview, in addition to the questions listed below, list questions that you anticipate that might be asked. Include your response to each question. (1) What is your leadership style, (2) Describe your vision of an ideal place of employment.

7. List the recruiters top 10 resume Pet Peeves.

8. What is the recommended length for a resume for students or new graduates? Explain.

9. While social media is an excellent way to stay in touch with friends, family, and others. What information should not be posted on social media about yourself and/or others?

10. Discuss why it is important to limit personal information on social media so that it will not negatively impact your chances for interviews and/or employment opportunities.

Bonus Questions: Worth 5 points each

11. What is business etiquette? List at least two rules that should be followed when making introductions. What should you do when you see someone who may not remember you?

12. When you are the dining host, discuss steps that you should follow: (1) Before the meal, (2) During the Meal and (3) After the Meal.

Good Luck!!