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Samuel Grunwald

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United Business Institute BA1

Reception and Restaurant at Le Chatelain Hotel Brussels

Time of internship 02/07/2018 – 06/08/2018




The realization of this internship was made possible thanks to many people who accompanied, supported and helped me in my work, and I want to thank them personally.


First of all, I would like to thank Raoul Gonzales, my tutor and general manager at Le Chatelain, for having trusted me throughout my stay. I thank him for making me meet the key people who made this internship a success, and for integrating me into his team.
I would then like to thank Hassan, the bar-tender, for his unfailing availability throughout this internship. His advice was invaluable, and contributed to the enrichment of my personal and professional knowledge. It allowed me to go further in thinking and to achieve a final work done.
Finally, I would like to thank my dad for giving me the opportunity and necessary contacts to work at Le Chatelain Hotel Brussels.




































Table of content


Tittle page page 1

Personal thanks page 2

Table of contents page 3

Introduction page 4-5

Job description page 6-9

Learnings outcome page 10-11

Conclusion page 12

Reference page 13





The United Business Institute offers its students a complete theory and practice throughout the year so that the students are ready to implement their learning during an internship done in a business enterprise.
We are therefore from the beginning of the training faced with the requirements of a company and that in view of an international career. The luxury hotel industry is a very popular sector with a clientele from various horizons (United States, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, United Arab Emirates ...).


For my first internship in BA1, I joined the Hotel Le Chatelain ***** in Brussels from the 2nd of July till the 8th of August.
This Hotel belonging to a private Belgian Family has a large number of spacious rooms but also a fitness center, and a therapy center. I had the opportunity to work in different departments.
This internship allowed me to have a global vision of the hotel by carrying out missions in the main sectors which are the accommodation and the restoration.
The development of this report is the final result of this month spent among these men and women who helped me to evolve in the business of the hotel and restaurant industry.
In order to report my experience in the hotel Le Chatelain, it seems normal to start with the objectives set before the start of this experience, in order to understand the course of the internship. Subsequently the presentation of the hotel and its organization will allow me to set up the economic and social context in which I could evolve throughout the month.
Finally, we will know the details of the missions carried out within the various services and the assessment drawn from these experiences.
The objective of the internship.
Before joining the hotel Le Chatelain, I had no idea what was happening behind the scenes of a hotel. The internship is the practice and learning of most of what we learned during the year. The goal was to solidify one's achievements and of course to learn new ways of working.
In addition, I found it interesting to integrate a luxury hotel, because I was very curious to know how all the staff worked. But also being confronted by a demanding clientele was a good lesson. Finally, I think that the personal goal was to observe, to know and to understand the hotel industry. To which area will I go next. In which sector to work.
To answer these questions I was attentive to the work of directors and managers, as well as the rest of the staff to have a clear idea of ​​their job and have a global vision of the operation of the company.
In addition, being proficient in a fairly broad set of services will allow me in my future career to be a competent leader and able to show my employees how to perform a task properly.
Presentation of the company.
The Hotel Le Chatelain Brussels is a luxury hotel owned by a Belgian family who owns multiple hotels around the world. This 5-star hotel is located in Brussels near Avenue Louise.
There are 108 rooms including superior, executive and some junior suites with exceptional views over Brussels. The rooms are spacious and equipped with the latest technology.
The restaurants :
The brigade, composed of 3 cooks and pastry chefs run by chef Martin Lambeau offers a quality catering service. Indeed for people following a diet, meals with a minimum calorie content are included in the formula.
Snacks are available in the afternoon, the service can be done on the terrace or in the dining room.
In the evening the atmosphere is more gastronomic since the meals are served in a more formal way, in an intimate setting.
A drink service is provided throughout the day, indoors at the bar near the lobby.
In the evening the bar hosts groups of jazz or classical musician several times a week.
Room service is available at any time of the day and night.
Target customers :
Because of its proximity to the center of the city it often happens to find a business clientele. Indeed the hotel has multiple conference rooms where it can accommodate groups for seminars. Families also come to discover the city and the Belgian culture.


















Job description


The reception
Morning shift
The Reception is the main place of the hotel, this is the place where guests show up on arrival and departure.
Unlike room service, I arrived at the reception when a trained trainee had been there for a few weeks. Since I was going to stay for one at the reception, my training was quite limited and superficial.
When the receptionist arrives in the morning, the first thing he has to do is look at the deposit book. The reception is a continuous service so it is important that each time an employee finishes his service, he leaves the instructions to the successor.
In the morning it is necessary to call the customers who wishes an alarm clock in the morning, the software is programmable, it can thus ensure all alone the "Wake up call" but it is necessary to call the customer manually to make sure that the latter is awake .
Then we must prepare the departures of the day. This sheet is like the morning receptionist's logbook, so he knows where it is, how many customers have to leave and at what time.
It is therefore necessary to write on this sheet the "Day use", the customers had to leave the room before 13h, so after 13h the occupation of the room was counted as a "Day use".
A "day use" is the use of the room by the client during the day.
Then you have to note the rooms taken in order to announce in priority to the general governess when they are released. Because if the customer arrives, there is a good chance that his room is ready if it is a priority so the customer is satisfied.
It is also important to note the dislodgements, because the rooms in which the customers have to dislodge are priority, so they must also be noted to communicate them to the housekeeper so that she makes them first.
A dislocation is to transfer a customer already present in the hotel to another room. This is necessary when the customer wishes at the last moment for example to extend his stay and that his room is already rented after his departure date.
The customer is already present in the hotel can not afford to wait for his room, so his new room must be accessible as soon as possible. Moreover, if he does not leave his room on time, the maid will not have time to prepare the room for the next guest.
Departures often take place in the same way. It is very likely that the customer calls the reception for a porter to pick up the luggage. Then the customer comes to the front desk to pay his bill, this is called the check out. This is when the receptionist prepares the customer's bill and presents it to him so that he verifies the accuracy of the amount.
It is necessary to ask the customer if he is satisfied with his stay and wish him a safe return.
Evening shift
In order to be certain of the accuracy of the file when the client comes to us at the time of his arrival, it is necessary to check that the reservation files are complete (appointment start of cure, welcome drink for the loyal customers, cocktail party invitation,…) and the data on the reservation form and on the computer are the same.
We must also make sure that we have a bank guarantee or a deposit by card or check.
Throughout the day you have to follow the departures. To do this we highlighted the vacated room, and we automatically notified the housekeeper so that she could inform the maid. It was also necessary to inform the Mini bar at each departure so that it tells us the invoicing. The evening shift usually deals with arrivals (check in).
Here is the procedure to follow when a customer who has booked is at the reception:
* Take out the reservation file
* Welcome and ask customers if they have had a good trip
* Check with the client the duration of the stay (date of arrival and departure date), the number of people and the chosen formula (room, half board or full board)
* Check the payment method, if we have a deposit or a pre-authorization otherwise ask for a credit card number (and make a pre-car of 200 euros)
* Customers by agency or Tour Operator must give a voucher + credit card for extras and also take an address.
* Specify that guests have until 13h to leave the room on the day of departure
* Talk about the restaurant, and propose a table
* Give the breakfast hours in the restaurant from 7h to 10h30, or served in your room at the desired time.
* Tell customers that they have access to the various facilities of the hotel (sauna, steam room, gym)
* Check if their room is ready
* Wish a pleasant stay
* Give the key to the baggage handlers who will accompany them to their room
* Check in Fidelio
* Check that the file is correct and enter the necessary information such as the address or if customers have parked the car in the car park.
The evening receptionist also had to prepare the next day's arrivals, to check that we had all the files, all the booking forms, it was necessary then arrange them so that the night auditor can complete them in alphabetical order with the signature.
A concierge service was available but it was not uncommon for guests to refer to the front desk for any transportation information or to book a table in the restaurant.
Some future guests wanted to visit the rooms of the hotel to get a glimpse, it was my duty to guide them and if it was possible to show them a room. My experience with the governesses allowed me to answer their questions.
The taste of the relationship with the customer, the sense of welcome and availability are essential to the job of receptionist.
The restaurant
When I went to the restaurant, my main activity was to be a server. This job is not just about serving customers, it is about preparing the room before and after the service. Indeed it was necessary to prepare the restaurant, it consists of napping the tables, put the cover, the glasses, vacuuming, cleaning the mirrors. All these tasks were done before the service in order to welcome the customer in the best possible conditions.
The dishes were washed by the divers, the cutlery too. Once washed in the machine, you had to clean the cutlery in a solution of water and vinegar to make them shine and ensure their cleanliness. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors when it comes to food.
Regarding the service, it requires preparation in advance. Indeed, we must prepare the butter cups and bread baskets that we would serve the customer first. It is important not to waste time because when the service starts, it is necessary to serve the customer without the latter having the impression to wait for his dishes.
Just before the start of the service, it is necessary for the butler to brief all the servers.
During this briefing, he explains the menu of the day and the composition of the dishes.
The server must know exactly what it serves because it is not uncommon for a customer to be allergic to a product. The head waiter can also mention if we receive a special customer and the attention that will be necessary to him.
Room service requires a permanent concentration of the server. You must regularly go to the kitchen to recover the dishes that are on the past of the chef. There are several reasons why it is important to take the plates of the past as soon as they are ready. Firstly the customer should not wait for his dishes, he also wishes that his plate is served hot and finally the chief's pass should not be cluttered with plates.
It must be ensured that the customer gets rid of his entry when the main course arrives. This sounds innocuous but the plates come out quickly when ordered.
In order not to be taken aback, the most effective method is:
* order the suite in the kitchen
* clear the entrance and the cutlery
* put the cutlery of the main course
* return to the kitchen to find the plate
Even if we are overwhelmed in our rank, the customer should not notice it. It is important to show that one is available, and this with a smile. The service provided to the customer must remain our priority.
It is very nice to get to know the customers, the relationship aspect of the service is by far the most appreciated aspect. In addition, our customers were not only one night's guests, we could see them for two weeks a few times. So it is important to take care of them because they know how to be grateful. A satisfied customer is a returning customer.
Room service
As a server, we could work very well in the restaurant or work room service. The approach is substantially the same except that in the case of room service the client does not move and stays in his room, it is the server who comes to him with the table to serve.
The main activity of the room service is the breakfast. Indeed, the breakfasts do not have a higher billing if they are taken in room or in the restaurant. Moreover the customer can be served in room to the hour he wishes, while the restaurant there is a schedule to meet.
Regarding the lunch service and the evening service, room service is less busy than at breakfast. But some guests may prefer to be served in the room rather than going to the restaurant.
In addition to serving meals in the room, room service is also responsible for VIP receptions. Indeed, when the hotel receives important customers, the room service takes care of setting up in the room of the trays of receptions, such as a cut of fruit or a bottle of champagne.










Learning outcomes

Experience gained
The experience gained during my internship was intense. In a few weeks my working abilities have been duplicated. I think this is because corporate immersion puts us directly in touch with reality.
I learned a lot of methods of working with servers at the restaurant. I realized that even though I knew how to perform a task the way to perform it was not necessarily the best.
I then learned the importance of organization represented in the work.
In a human context I was able to learn that each employee was different. Some people have less confidence in themselves and need to confide sometimes. The executive is then an ear to listen to its employees. Often it is up to him to solve problems within a team and allows the smooth running of the work.
I discovered that the social aspect in the hotel industry was very present because of the large number of employees and especially their interaction. One of the essential qualities of a manager is to listen to his staff.
At the reception I now master the most common tasks that a receptionist faces every day.
By dint of practice, it is easy to assimilate the techniques in order to carry out the missions.
It is the same with the mastery of software that used the hotel: Fidelio. This software was unknown to me, so I had to learn how to use it. It was not obvious at the beginning but as the hours passed in the reception and with the help of my colleagues, I learned to master the software to perform the tasks I had to perform.
Another essential point is the communication. I have been dealing with many clients from Russia, the United Arab Emirates or Spain. I often spoke English to make myself understood, it allowed me to practice my English, during the weeks I gained a certain ease and I managed to inform customers in English on the phone. I was constantly confronted with the customer either face to face or on the phone. This internship also allowed me to overcome my shyness.
An important aspect in the hospitality industry is the relationship with the customer.
The hotel is a living company that is constantly interacting with its customers. Whether at the reception, the restaurant or even in the corridors, at any time we can meet a customer.
Hence the importance of having an irreproachable and pleasant behavior at all times. The fact of smiling brings a lot to the customers, it is however a simple gesture but noticed and appreciated.
In catering, there were many techniques to master and implement quickly. My experience in service being quite limited, I had to acquire some techniques such as wearing three hot and heavy plates at the same time. The tasks were very repetitive, but that's what allowed me to organize myself as I went along and to gain ease in my actions.
In addition to the operational methods I have been taught, such as laying a table correctly and delicately, I also had the opportunity to take care of a single row. I was then my own chef of rank, I made sure that the customers were served in time, I ordered the rest of the meal in the kitchen. If necessary, I was refilling water and bread to the customer.
Orders were taken by the Butler. All the chef de rang had a record at each service explaining the composition of the dishes. In spite of that I sometimes had to solve certain problems, such as customers who were allergic to certain products and who had not been mentioned in cooking.
In these situations, you have to know how to be a diplomat to explain to the client that you have made an error without the latter becoming angry or impatient.




The internship in a company has an important part in the training of any student. It is an exchange between the trainee and the host organization. Each brings his experience, his experience and together it is possible to evolve and to question himself.
I learned a lot during my internship, on the one hand on the different trades that I could observe but also on the way to behave in company and the relations between the employees.
My contribution to the business is quite simple. Most of the tasks I did during my internship were operational tasks. I think I have been a support, a help during this month.
Indeed when a receptionist was missing or when they were overwhelmed I willingly lend a hand. It was the same in the restaurant, one of the main reasons I worked in the dining room during the month of July is the fact that the number of covers is twice as large as the rest of the summer.
Nevertheless, it was not easy for me to find a place in all services. In the reception my integration was quite difficult because there was a trainee already in training. Being only in receipt for one week, I have not received extensive training from receptionists. In spite of that I was a support for them because I was able to proceed to the arrival of a customer for example.
On the contrary, in certain situations, I could not solve the problem alone because I was not able to make a decision on my own. For example, when there was a customer billing problem, since I did not have a password to enter the billing system, I could not fix the problem. But again, when it came to dislodgement or tariff changes, I did not have the power to make such decisions.
Accessibility to information is very important for further training. When I was with the restaurant butler, I had a lot of room for maneuver. I could then work in my own way while having a framework and rules to respect. This means that my past experience and skills have been used to do new tasks. The missions given by the butler allowed me to express myself, to bring a personal touch.
















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