I need help with a MBA budgeting and cost analysis assignment. Please read the assessment criteria carefully before you bid.

You need work on a departmental budget planning and cost analysis.

Here are my criteria for bid selection.

– No plagiarism. I need TURNITIN report.

– Only use the reference the materials I’ve attached. If it is not as per the guidelines I will ask for money back.

-IELTS 8 to 9 level English comprehension and analysis.

-I need to see at least 5 positive reviews on budget planning. Fake review will not be considered.

– Formatting as per the guidelines


Note: Only bid for this if you are expert in this field. Don’y spoil your rating unnecessarily, I am a longtime user of Homework Market. I only deal and go for bids with experts with 4.6 to 5 star reviews.

Many thanks,


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